Thursday, April 10, 2014

WHATS GOOOODDD!!!! from Wrocław!

Witam Was Wszystkich!
Hey Everyone! Man this week has been sooo good! The weather is startin to get really good! It's super good today and we are headin to the ZOO! So im pretty stoked for that. 
We really are just in the mode of finding right now and strengthening the branch! We are hittin the streets everyday though! And really just trying to find that person! Everything really is going well.....Time is flying by wayyy tooo fast! And we actually met an awesome kid named Dawid.
We had a really cool lesson with him, after he had flaked so many times. But he talked about how he knows he needs to make his life better. He used to be closer with God but kinda fell away for a while. He kinda flaked us a couple times later in the week, but we still have contact with him so i got faith that we will meet again. 
But our lesson really was so awesome. And we focused on how we can be healed through the Atonement of Jesus Chrsit. That really is what everyone needs in this world. And The power that comes from the Atonement can only be found in this church. I feel like that is how main purpose as missionaries to serve others and help them to repentance. And when someone things of repentance it almost sounds kidna of scary and harsh. But really repentance brings us so much light and hope to life and happiness. Alot of repentance can be solved through prayer with our Loving Heavenly Father, and then getting out and doing better things the next day. I love it so much and we can feel so close to the Lord as we do so! 
Yesterday in Fast and testimony meeting we had the most spiritual meeting ever. The members here are just so strong and powerful. And so grateful for this gospel. Some of them honestly study the gospel every single day! It's so amazing I love them so much! 
Sorry I dont got much time today but just wanted to say I love you all. Miss you all! And pray for ya'll everyday! 
The mission is amazing. And I love being here. Even though I miss home so much! 
Sometimes I do feel like my efforts are wasted. But I know that "no effort goes unwasted" in the sigh tof the Lord.
Love you all! I got to go! 
So much ofa's!
Kocham was wszystkich!
_Starszy Fotu

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