Thursday, April 10, 2014

General Conference!

Hey FAMILY!!!!
AH MAN SUCH AN AWESOME WEEK!!!! This time of the year is on of my favorites next to Christmas. Its so amazing I love it so much. We are really finding some cool people here in Wrocław and even willing to meet sometimes. But just hard to get them to read and pray. But I have so much faith that we will find someone awesome and willing. The Work is really going good. Something crazy that happened in Poland. In a different City called Łódź some missionaries some how met a Catholic Priest. And he asked them to sing in his a Catholic Mass. haha so President Edgren brought like 16 missionaries to this city and they practiced up. I dont got the singing skills to do that I guess....;) But I heard it was an amazing experience.
So Conference...... hahah man I dont even want to get started cause I could just go on for dayzzz.... But from the very beginning of Conference, something just hit me really hard. And of course starting out with Elder Holland's testimony is so powerful. But I really feel like the Prophet and Apostles and those that spoke really hit on the importance of Family and a warning for everyone to watch out for the World and adversary. So amazing. And it really hit me hard what the Gospel has done for me and my family. I loved the basics of Scripture Study, Family Prayer, and Family Home Evening. So so so basic but so important. I love it. And it took me back to when I was at home, when mom would gather everyone for prayer no matter how crazy it was, or when we would study the scripture together, sometimes in the car on the way to school. And of course Family Home Evening every Sunday night. I really believe these basics were so key for our family and still are. I know alot of my Testimony has come because of these things. The most spiritual testimony meetings i've had in my life and in Family Home Evening. And I know that I leaned on my parents and sibilings testimonies, while I tried my best to gain my own. Im not sure who said it in Conference, but Something about "Children being able to hear and feel the Spirit more powerfully." It's so true. And ive never been more thankful for family and my past heritage than in these past two months. 
Im loving my mission so much. So thankful for my parents who brought me into this world 20 years ago today! Along with the rest of the rascals in our family! I love them all sooo much. haha shoot i hate being 20. I actually told myself that I was just gonna skip over my birthday without noticing it cause i wanted to stay in the teens. But im excited for the future and to grow more. Cause I know i've never been so close to the savior, but i know I can still learn soooo much more about him. I feel like the more knowledge we gain, the more humble we need to be, and keep learning!
And last thing, A guy in Szczecin that I taught, named Jan....the first time we met he was just so amazed at this light that we had. And he was interested to find out more. But convinced that he would never be baptized. We had been teaching him for a couple weeks and he is just the most loving person, he always said, "you will know them by their fruits" and he was so impressed with the fruits of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My last day in Szczecin he wanted to take us out to eat. When we did he talked about how he would never become a member cause he loved his coffee so much. (Saying this as he drank his cup of coffee) This Saturday Jan will be baptized. Giving up his past life and becoming clean through the Savior's Atonement and living ALL the Commandments of God. He now says..."I HATE COFFEE!" hahah guys the gospel changes people. That is why we have this Gospel. To change through His Atonement and become better people as we focus on the Savior and what he did. It brings so much happiness in life and even into the next life. I love it so much. 
Share the power that you have gotten from the Gospel with others!
We all have our part to do.
Love you all sooo much. Love my Savior. He still lives with our Heavenly Father.
So much ofa's and miłość.
_Starszy Fotu

oh yeah super funny and cool that Jabari got a shoutout from the profit. haha man so awesome. He needs to get on a mission too! He'd do amazing things. "Be the same person you are in the Dark as you are in the light." love you all!

me and my comp....
1)hahah wen tot some play for culture night.....had to leave cause it got a little crazy.....haha

2)Chillin at the Zoo past P-day

3)Poland is starting to get really green and pretty!

pic of Jan and I in SZCZECIN.

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