Monday, October 28, 2013

Cześć Family!!!!

Man sounds look everyone is doing great! love and miss you all! But this work is sooo great!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week with everything!
Let me know how Selu does! She better tear it up! haha she had like the Tiger stare in that picture you guys sent me of her! meow.
Thats awesome that isaac and them are doing good. awesome that he wore Landon Hannemens jersey! I remember that Micah wanted to do that for me our senior year when i got hurt but he was superstitious about it. haha I think it was ok cause we won!
but that sounds awesome! let me know how they do! Keep workin hard on and off the field. I sent him a letter last week so should be gettin there soon!
Thanks sooo much for everything! 
This week was a pretty crazy week.
hahah like seriously some crazy things happened. but ill just give ya guys the spiritual part!
So ive just been studying Preach My Gospel and what not. And I've seen a lot of missionaries on my mission say that they need to just be themselves on their mission. And they don't need to try to change who they are. I think some of this is true. But I also have been impressed by the Spirit that this gospel changes lives. And Heavenly Father knows exactly who we are and who we can become. Through the many things that we do in the gospel, which is the simple basic, we can change who we are. I challenge everyone to find the things you want to change in your life and change those things. Be willing to recognize those things, and be ANXIOUS to change them. I feel like my Savior has helped me do that so much on my mission. I feel like a different person but the same person at the same time. I have a testimony that if you Study what the Savior of the world did, Jesus Christ, and his example. And apply those things that he did and taught. You will reach your potential. I know that the Lord has helped me and I know that he loves US. Not just some of us but some of us.
I listened to a talk by Elder Bednard and he talked about in the Scriptures when they use the word "chosen"
he talked about how some people like ot say they are not a "chosen" one. He emphasizes on the fact that Heavenly Father does not have a list of favorites. We ourselves choose if we are "chosen" Heavenly Father has given us Agency. We can choose what we do with it. I challenge everyone to find the things they need to change in their life and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Heavenly Father will make of you the best person you can possibly be. And he will bless you more than ever.
I have a firm testimony of that and I have seen it in my life.
Love you all! Do missionary work always, whether it be in word or in example!
-Starszy Fotu

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey Family!

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home! Can't believe football season is already over for some of the boys already. And sounds like Isaac's is winding down. haha I miss football so much. But this work is so much greater. My companion leaves on the 7th of November. He is pretty sad but excited at the same time. We are really gonna push these last couple weeks and finish out this transfer hard! Garrett spoke in Singles ward. haha thats cool. Sounds like all the kids are doing good! Send me pics I wanna see all of them. I miss little emma so much. Better be telling her all about me so she knows who I am when I get home.
This week we got some new investigators so if you guys would pray for them that would be great!
We got Paweł, Magda, and Patryk! They are all so awesome and Im so excited to start teaching them! I will let you know the others that we find! 
On a more serious note. haha I try to give ya guys something spiritual every week! So I hope you guys arent sick of it. But this week I've been thinking alot about the Light of Christ. When we all came into this world we were all born with the Light of Christ. As I go throughout my day I really try to look for this Light of Christ in every person. As we search for this light in EVERY single person we will realize that we really do have a love for them. As you see this light your desire to share the gospel with them will grow. As you help this one person you need to let the Holy Ghost work through you. That is how you know if you are being a good missionary, If you can feel the Holy Ghost working through you. As missionaries we are carriers of the Holy Ghost. This is not our work its God's work. He wants his work done HIS way. His way is through the spirit. 
As we let the Holy Ghost work through us, The person we are helping will recognize that love you have for them, they will recognize that rare but familiar feeling and it will become something that they love, want, and need in their life. As we do this work, it will also bring us a happiness that cannot be found anywhere else in life. And as we do this we become CONVERTED! Conversion is a life time journey, there is no stoping. You cannot stop. You must be getting better and better. 
Something i've tried my whole mission is not just sit around. Sometimes you have left over time @ lunch @ night to just sit and hang out. But I always try to do something that helps my purpose. Whether it's read a book or anything! Something that will help me become a better person. As I have done this there has been multiple times where the Spirit just flows into me. Studying the Gosple brings true happiness!
I chanllenge everyone to sudy hard and build up your testimony! And then SHARE IT! Don't be selfish with it. Others need YOUR testimony to strengthen theirs. I love you all! keep being awesome! I love hearing about you guys! 
Heavenly Father has a plan for us and He has given us the way back. And thats throught our Savior Jesus Christ! Always remember that!
                                     -Starszy Fotu

Monday, October 14, 2013

cz cz cz cz cześć!

How is everyone doing! Hope all is well in Utah! I heard you guys got some snow? (in the mountains at least) Poland is pretty cold. No snow but just the wind and air here is freezing!
This week was pretty awesome! My Companion as you know is the branch president here, But is getting released this week! haha we are so excited cause this will give us A LOT more time to do more missionary work! Im soo excited!
This week we had a guy in church!!! Edward! I was so excited that he came! I had been prayin all week for him! He came to Sacrament Meeting and said he LOVED what our church was about. He asked us "What is your purpose, Do you all just want alot of members or what?" We told him that this was the True Gospel on the Earth. And this not only makes people's lives happier, but its the only way back to our Heavenly Father. It not only gives us happiness now, but for all Eternity!
Im excited to start teaching him! Ill keep your updated!
Also yesterday we did a whiteboard. We set up a white board in the streets and write a question on it. Yesterday our question was "Dlaczego jest rodzina ważna?" Why is family important! 
As we were doing this I stopped this younger kid and tried to talk to him. He pretty much came straight to my wondering what I had to say. I taught him about Jesus Christ living here on Earth. And how after his death we had the Apostasy. But in 1820 God and Jesus Christ restored this gospel! And gave us the Book of Mormon! He was interested and took the book and exchanged numbers with me. So.... I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON BY MYSELF IN POLISH! hahah so stoked! I was soo happy and I could feel the spirit working through me. That is when you know you are being an effective missionary. Not when you have lots of baptismal dates, or big numbers, but when you can feel His spirit in your life and Feel it working through you!
You get this by working hard and relying on the Lord.
I've been praying like crazy that I would be able to do this! I know that anything is possible with God! I love being a missionary soo much! Its all about your attitude and how hard you are working!
The Lord has blessed me! I can feel it!
I challenge you all to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! As you do so he will bless you!
Pray with Heavenly Father! He will bless you! I know that if you "get specific with God, He'll get specific with you" Pray for what you need and have the faith which is the action. Get out and do somethin about it! Act on that faith! I love you all so much! pray for my investigators or that we will be able to find those that we need to find! Love Ya'll!
-Elder Fotu

Monday, October 7, 2013


Dzien Dobry!

So how is everyone doing! Right now im just so excited and filled with the Spirit because of General Conference! I loved it soo much! The spirit hit me soo strong while watching conference. Its sooo much cooler as a missionary I feel like. I don't know if I had a favorite talk. Cause I loved all of them! Seriously though. I hope you all listened to the talks and I hope you all apply them to your lives!
This week was kinda boring ish until the WEEKEND! But my companion had to prepare for the Branch to watch conference and we had to do a lot of different stuff! But we still talked to some really good people and I hope we can meet with them soon. Pray that we will be able to meet with the people of Szczecin! I know that we can! Somethin really cool that JUST happened. Elder Vernon that is 1 of the 4 Elders here in Szczecin just turned around and told us that his mom sent 4 referrals!!!! 4 REFERRALS!!! TO US!!! haha how crazy is that. Someone in there ward in American Fork has family here in szczecin! I will let ya all know what goes down with those! Just so excited right now! haha I always am. Being a missionary is just so awesome!
Just a cool story that happened to me this week....
A miracle I saw this week of the many, was in the chapel on a lunch break. Elder Vernon was teaching Bartek (our member) piano. Elder Vernon came into the other room and asked if we wanted to come to Bartek's new song on the piano. As I sat down I was excited to hear Bartek play. He began to play the song "I Am A Child of God". The spirit hit me so hard in that moment. Right that second the spirit manifested to me that the Gospel really does change lives. Bartek is a younger boy about our age. And I can't imagine his life without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of the Gospel he has SO MUCH LIGHT!When I saw that the Atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ blessed his life, It strengthened my testimony soooo much! I have learned that on my mission, as we help others experience the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our testimonies will be strengthened, it will bring us TRUE happiness, and it is the way to TRUE conversion.I love this work so much. Bringing the Gospel to others lives bring a different happiness. A TRUE happiness that is lasting. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we ALL have that Responsibility.
I love this gospel sooo much. You all need to STUDY these talks. After conference we should feel very uplifted by the spirit, but we should feel the need to improve! We can always improve! And I know that the Lord will help us.
"The Lord sees our weakness differently from rebellion, and he always sees our weakness with mercy."
The Lord will help you all as you strive to become a better person!  As you lose your life in the service of others. You will only find your true potential! haha I know I just preach to you guys all the time. If I could I would just sit on this computer and do it all day!
One thing that I kinda made up during conference was...
-When in service, the Holy Ghost will come, When the Holy Ghost comes Miracles Happen, When you see Miracles happen in Other's Lives, It will bring us Joy.-
This is how we become fully converted! I love you all so much!
                                                        -ELDER FOTU!!!!

my shoes thats I got. they are good dont worry. and they have 2 year warranty. so i didnt waste your money. ;)

 conference. and my new coat!