Monday, October 14, 2013

cz cz cz cz cześć!

How is everyone doing! Hope all is well in Utah! I heard you guys got some snow? (in the mountains at least) Poland is pretty cold. No snow but just the wind and air here is freezing!
This week was pretty awesome! My Companion as you know is the branch president here, But is getting released this week! haha we are so excited cause this will give us A LOT more time to do more missionary work! Im soo excited!
This week we had a guy in church!!! Edward! I was so excited that he came! I had been prayin all week for him! He came to Sacrament Meeting and said he LOVED what our church was about. He asked us "What is your purpose, Do you all just want alot of members or what?" We told him that this was the True Gospel on the Earth. And this not only makes people's lives happier, but its the only way back to our Heavenly Father. It not only gives us happiness now, but for all Eternity!
Im excited to start teaching him! Ill keep your updated!
Also yesterday we did a whiteboard. We set up a white board in the streets and write a question on it. Yesterday our question was "Dlaczego jest rodzina ważna?" Why is family important! 
As we were doing this I stopped this younger kid and tried to talk to him. He pretty much came straight to my wondering what I had to say. I taught him about Jesus Christ living here on Earth. And how after his death we had the Apostasy. But in 1820 God and Jesus Christ restored this gospel! And gave us the Book of Mormon! He was interested and took the book and exchanged numbers with me. So.... I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON BY MYSELF IN POLISH! hahah so stoked! I was soo happy and I could feel the spirit working through me. That is when you know you are being an effective missionary. Not when you have lots of baptismal dates, or big numbers, but when you can feel His spirit in your life and Feel it working through you!
You get this by working hard and relying on the Lord.
I've been praying like crazy that I would be able to do this! I know that anything is possible with God! I love being a missionary soo much! Its all about your attitude and how hard you are working!
The Lord has blessed me! I can feel it!
I challenge you all to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! As you do so he will bless you!
Pray with Heavenly Father! He will bless you! I know that if you "get specific with God, He'll get specific with you" Pray for what you need and have the faith which is the action. Get out and do somethin about it! Act on that faith! I love you all so much! pray for my investigators or that we will be able to find those that we need to find! Love Ya'll!
-Elder Fotu

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