Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey Family!

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home! Can't believe football season is already over for some of the boys already. And sounds like Isaac's is winding down. haha I miss football so much. But this work is so much greater. My companion leaves on the 7th of November. He is pretty sad but excited at the same time. We are really gonna push these last couple weeks and finish out this transfer hard! Garrett spoke in Singles ward. haha thats cool. Sounds like all the kids are doing good! Send me pics I wanna see all of them. I miss little emma so much. Better be telling her all about me so she knows who I am when I get home.
This week we got some new investigators so if you guys would pray for them that would be great!
We got Paweł, Magda, and Patryk! They are all so awesome and Im so excited to start teaching them! I will let you know the others that we find! 
On a more serious note. haha I try to give ya guys something spiritual every week! So I hope you guys arent sick of it. But this week I've been thinking alot about the Light of Christ. When we all came into this world we were all born with the Light of Christ. As I go throughout my day I really try to look for this Light of Christ in every person. As we search for this light in EVERY single person we will realize that we really do have a love for them. As you see this light your desire to share the gospel with them will grow. As you help this one person you need to let the Holy Ghost work through you. That is how you know if you are being a good missionary, If you can feel the Holy Ghost working through you. As missionaries we are carriers of the Holy Ghost. This is not our work its God's work. He wants his work done HIS way. His way is through the spirit. 
As we let the Holy Ghost work through us, The person we are helping will recognize that love you have for them, they will recognize that rare but familiar feeling and it will become something that they love, want, and need in their life. As we do this work, it will also bring us a happiness that cannot be found anywhere else in life. And as we do this we become CONVERTED! Conversion is a life time journey, there is no stoping. You cannot stop. You must be getting better and better. 
Something i've tried my whole mission is not just sit around. Sometimes you have left over time @ lunch @ night to just sit and hang out. But I always try to do something that helps my purpose. Whether it's read a book or anything! Something that will help me become a better person. As I have done this there has been multiple times where the Spirit just flows into me. Studying the Gosple brings true happiness!
I chanllenge everyone to sudy hard and build up your testimony! And then SHARE IT! Don't be selfish with it. Others need YOUR testimony to strengthen theirs. I love you all! keep being awesome! I love hearing about you guys! 
Heavenly Father has a plan for us and He has given us the way back. And thats throught our Savior Jesus Christ! Always remember that!
                                     -Starszy Fotu

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