Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 months in Wrocław!

Hey Family! Hows everyone doing?! 
I have been in this city for 5 months now! Pretty long time. But I love it. President Edgren actually talked about this at Zone Conference this past week that he is going to try to keep missionaries in their areas for a longer time. Which is really good so we can build good relationships with the members. We are really pushing for member missionary work. Cause that really is the best way to do missionary work. So I hope you all are trying to share the gospel with others, and inviting them to change their lives.
This week was really good. I learned alot from Zone Conference with other missionaries. I saw Elder Hon (the Elder I trained) He is such a stud, and he is actually already a district leader! Pretty sure that is like the first time that has happened here, someone in their second transfer being a district leader. But it is always fun to get with all the other missionaries and learn from them!
This week we had a meeting with the Dad that we found a couple weeks ago! His name is Rafał. He is the one that I talked with for a while with his wife and his daughter, and then I popped his daughter's balloon. I hope I told you guys about them. But he is just the most solid guy. He told me about he was always looking for happiness, and when he was in his early 20's he thought it was money. He built this huge company, and then relized he didnt want that. Sold his company and had a family and just hangs out with them all day. Most solid guy and he is super spiritual. We had a good lesson with him. And it came ot the point where we said he is happy right now with life and whenever we tried to extend an committment he just said, "we will see" with a big smile on his face. He said he really just goes off what he feels like he should do. Or what God tells him to do. And He is really sincere about that. So I pray that he will have the desire to Read the Book of Mormon. Cause he would be a kingdom builder and I just know his family would be so blessed.
Then we had a lesson with a couple named Robert and Renata. Most solid couple. Robert is actually a member that was less-active but is now our Branch Mission Leader. Such a solid guy. And his girlfriend/wife. They are to get married soon and she is just reading the Book of Mormon and trying to know if its true. We had a good discussion with her. And the spirit was just so strong. But we were giving her all these reasons to read and pray about all this and have faith. In the end of the lesson my companion just really bore testimony to her that we are saying all of this because we really do love her. And she was just so happy about that. I told her that i completely agree with my companion. 
I know that love is an never ending source of drive and energy. True love for others and for the Lord can do so many things that we cant even imagine.
There are just so many things that im learning. One of the biggest things right now is repentance. That is really what we are teaching. And so im trying to apply it to myself as much as possible. Filling in on all the little things and trying to become better everyday. I just know that if we are humble and able to recognize our Saviors attributes, and work on becoming more like him, we can. Change is what we need and it will bring true lasting happiness.

I like what I read today at the end of (sara) Sister Burn's letter today to her family. "Remember our end goal! Eternal Families!"
That really is my biggest desire to be with all my family forever. Love you guys. Im so thankful for your help and prayers! The Lord has blessed us so much! Keep doin the basics!
Love you all.
                                                     _Starszy Fotu


1) Elder Hon and I

2) The senior couple that we serve every week (they call us their grand children we call them grandma and grandpa)

3) My comp, Robert and Renata, and I

Thankful Week

So this week was real good. Pretty had but im just gonna say it was good. Im learning alot.
The branch president here, President Cieleński, (he's amazing) challenger the priesthood brethern to go something this week to strengthen their family.
So I decided Im going to send you guys a letter with something that Im thanksful for every single one of you! so this might take some time......hopefully I dont have a sibiling I dont know about.......I remember when we didn't tell garrett for a while about litle baby emma while he was on his mission.
So we are gonna start out with Mom....Cause she's the most important.
I have no idea where to start. Since i've been on my mission, i've tried to think of a moment in my life where I have seen mom do something for herself. Mom wakes us everyday and everything she does is to help her 13 rascals. It's amazing to me. I've never met someone that has devoted their life to the service of others more than mom. And it's plainly out of love for us. And I know that Charity is the most important Christ-like attribute. So im grateful for mom cause she has taught me to serve and love others on my mission. And that really helps any situation I have.
Next is Dad!
Since coming on my mission I've noticed how crazy Dad really is. But im so grateful for it. Mom taught me love and Dad taught me how to work hard. How to motivate myself. How to hep others. And he taught me that if I had a dream that I can turn it into a reality. I've noticed how important it was for Dad to have Family Home Evening EVERY WEEK! I cant remember not having it. And i've seen how much that has had an impact on me. I remember sooo clearly Dad bearing his testimony and how strong the spirit really was with me. Im grateful for Dad cause he has taught me how to work hard for others, and work hard to recieve a strong testimony.
Alright everyone else is gonna have to be a little shorter.
Jacqueline (and Benj and Mischa)
So I dont know what was with me and Jacqueline, but we always got along. I remember playing Batman and Robin with her when i was really really young. But I have learned so much from her cause she has always had her priorities straight. She knows what is important and gets it done while being a good example for others. Im grateful for Jacqueline because she has taught me to keep priorities straight, be a good example for others, and have fun while doing it.
Next is MAHANA!!!!
haha Selu always knows what is important. And that was family and the gospel for her. I still remember her spending money to buy her sibilings clothes and shoes when money was tight for mom and Dad. She always showed love for us in so many ways. And was never afraid to stand up for what was right. Im grateful for mahana cause she has taught me to love people, and always do what is right no matter what others are doing around you.
I havent seen Garrett for 3 years almost. But He has always been the big brother that I needed. And always the perfect example. He was always willing to help the younger sibilings, and everyone knew if they needed something they could go to him. His example of going on a mission helped push me to be a better older brother in the home, and then to follow him to the field. Im grateful for Garrett cause he's been he perfect example for me.
Isaac is next....I loved Isaac cause he was always so humble. Willing to listen to anyone. And that is going to go a lonnnng way in the mission field. The humble learn quicker. But I remember that Isaac was getting huge and good at football and rugby, and I knew he'd always be better than I was, But I never told him that cause I wanted him to stay humble. Im grateful for Isaac cause he has taught me to stay humble, and relaxed even when things go bad.
Lennon reminds me alot of myself. But Lennon has always had no fear in doing things. He isnt afraid to share his testimony with anyone! And I know I've felt the spirit while he does and it's built my testimony. He has always been an example to all around him. Im grateful for Lennon cause he has taught me to never be scurred!!!! And to just go do it.
Kerstin is always so loving, and willing to help. She works hard and has just the best spirit about her, making everyone around her want to be better. Im grateful for Kerst cause she has always had a light in her that i've tried working for, and taught me how to selfless.
Jared is the man. He's got the testimony and he loves sharing it. Jared is a beast on the football field. But really he is a loving friend to everyone that he is around. And always laughing and having fun, with buidling up everyone around him higher than himself.
Spencer...I think Lennon, Spenc, and I are alot alike. Spencer is just a quite and humble kid. But when the time comes to work he ges it done. As a missionary you have to deal with pressure and performing under pressure. Spencer is never scared to face anything.
Olivia. (my other mahana)
I love olivia cause she always helps with everything. And she is a leader. (the boss) She is always doing what is right first instead of following. And she loves her family so much. I miss her and her laugh.
I forgot Connor. Connor is one of the most loving kids in the family. And really really good at helping. Always willing to help. And he loves to joke around and have fun. Im grateful for Connor cause he has taught me how to have fun and be a helper.
Last is my girl Emma.
Emma is a miracle and a blessing in my life. I love her so much. And miss taking care of her. Because of her struggle of coming into this life with her health. I remember being really scard for her. And cause of that experience, it really strengthened my relationship with my Heavenly Father.
Well family I love you all. I really could just sit on here and write for the rest of my mission about you all. Keep loving eachother. And keep doing missionary work. The Lord has blessed us so much. Because we have all been born of good and righteous parents. Starting with our grandparents! I love you all so much. (Grandma and Grandpa too)
But im working hard and continue to try my best to help those here in Poland experience the same joy we have. Loves
Ofa lahi atu! Kocham Was Wszystkich!
_Starszy Jacob Fotu

Monday, July 14, 2014


Man so much that happened this week. Im just gonna get right to it. 
So I had an exchange with Elder Dodge this week again. That was fun. It's always fun to be with someone on the other side of the world that you went to high school with. I learned a ton and set some good goals.
Next, we had this service project. This random lady that a member knew need help moving on Thursday. But the thing was she lived like a 40 min train ride away. So we actually cant really go unless we get permission from our mission pres. I called President Edgren and he seemed a little iffy about it and just said I will leave it up to you to decide. So I prayed and what not and it came down to where I just decided that we should go. This lady's name is Bazena. She is like 50. Lives alone and is divorced and has 2 boys. She was a super happy lady and so nice. And we helped her move a bunch of stuff. And after while we were waiting for our train we worked slowly into the gospel. You could tell she was really lacking something in life. And she told us that she really wanted to get to know God. She would almost cry with every answer she gave. So we hope more will come out of it. And we will be in contact with her. She gave us big hugs when we left....(against the rules) haha but its ok i think with older woman.
Next...The other day we were walking around the rynek (town square) and I saw this younger couple sitting with their little girl. I told them we were sharing a message today about God's Plan. They said what kind of message (as they laughed a little) I just started tellin them that God has a plan for everyone of us and wants us to be happy. I sat down next to them and talked to them for about thirty mins. It was really awesome and spiritual. And They had a little girl that was like 3 years old. The Dad was holding a like balloon for her that was one of those balloons that they like make into a dog or hat. And Through out the lesson i introduced the Book of Mormon and I handed it to the Dad. As I did he set the balloon down in between us but the wind started to blow it away... I grabbed the balloon to stop it, and it popped..........I was like ohhhh no.... as i looked back at the little girl that was playing behind me.... and she just started bawling.....hahahah it was soo bad. I felt soo bad. And the Dad was like "Ola...its didnt even want it....." hahha and she just ran off bawling..... so bad.
But this Dad named Rafael was so solid. Told me how he lived like ten years in his 20's just trying to make his business huge! and realized after he had reached his goal that none of that brought him true happiness. And so he got married. Sold his company. And he said he just hangs out with his family all day. But it super humble guy. So I got their number and he said we could possibly meet. So im pretty stoked for that. Its not often that you get a family and you end up giving them a book and getting their number. 
Last thing.....
We this transfer has been pretty hard for me. My comp and I have been having some problems. Its starting to work out. And I was just really stressin about everything.....(im not the one to stress about things) and i was getting pretty down on myself. But i preyed for help. The other day during personal study I thought back to when I was about 13 to 18 years old and realized how excited I really was to be a missionary at that time. And it was my biggest dream. And now Im actually LIVIN THE DREAM. It just really brought a sense of grattitude and realization that im living the dream so all i need to do is my best and enjoy the moment. Im happy I can represent Jesus Christ and share His message with Poland. I love it out here. Im learning so much.
Miss you all. Ofa lahi atu! Kocham was wszystkich!
_Elder Fotu

Friday, July 11, 2014


Hey how is everything going!!!!
Everything is going good here in Poland. The work continues to get faster and faster! Kind of frustrated cause I haven't found that person yet! But Im continueing to be patient and continue to work hard!
This week was really cool cause we took a little train ride to a little city just right outside of Wrocław, called Legnica. There are two members there that just couldnt be more excited about missionary work. There is a sister named Sister Call and another named Sister Zań. They legit talk to everyone about the Gospel. And we went there and had a good meeting with Sister Call and her land lord....
After she wanted to go out and go contacting with us.
On our way to this park that we were going to there was this younger guy sitting on a bench smoking. She just yells to him, "Hey! smoking is pretty bad for your help. Dont you want to stop?" She was super bold but super loving and smiling as she said it. The guy didnt get offend but was like "yeah, ive been doing it for about 15 years, so its kinda hard." Sister Call went over to him and just told him that God loves him and with God anything is possible. And just kinda told him why we are here. To help people with stuff like that. 
But its just really cool to see members here so excited about the work and doing something about it instead of just talking about it. There is a quote that i heard, "Soon people need to stop telling the stories of the Book of Mormon and start living them"
But this week has been pretty hard. We didn't have much success with finding anyone. But miracles are always happening! And just trying to stay grateful for my circumstances.
In church yesterday we actually did have an investigator. He bore his testimony...but then preached a little false doctrine at the end, saying that God's name is Jahvi? (Dont knwo how to spell it) Then our District President who has such a strong testimony got up and kinda straightened things out, saying people interprate the Bible in their own way. Thats why we need the Book of Mormon and Prophets. But our investigator is still pretty cool, the first lesson we had with him a while ago, he said he didn't have any sin..... So that was a little different. We will see how it goes.
After church I was helping with the finances and everything....cause it was a mess....(probably my fault) haha im like the second clerk here in this branch. And President Zań was there (District President) and then President Cieleński was there (Branch President) and so we were misssing some receipts and President Zań is just pretty frustrated with everything. haha and so President Cieleński is looking through his suit coat from receipts. He has 3 little girls and find this like super pink, yellow, orange, and red necklace in his coat and throws that on the table. haha and President Zań looks at it and says "oh great!" and picks it up and like holds the beads and starts to pretend like he is praying.....(catholics do this with their beads so that they can repent) hahahaha it was super funny. Maybe you had to be there. 
But eventually we figured everything out. So all is well! 
I thank you guys for writing me e-mails and what not! I really do appreciate them!
And I know your prayers help me so much. Im so thankful.
Love you guys! Thanks for the support.;)
ofa lahi atu
z miłośćą
_Elder Fotu

14 monthzzz?

May so crazy! I just realized that tomorrow is 14 months on a mission.
Its so crazy to me how fast time has gone! I have ten months left I think? But we are continueing to work hard! And the work really is amazing. I see so many miracles every week.
This week on that was really cool was with this guy named Rafaeł. We had a white board and we wrote on it, "Czy kiedykolowiek slyszałeś o nas?" Which means have you ever heard of us. And then we put our name obviously Kościół Jezusa Chrystusa Świętych w Dniach Ostatnich. And so everybody looks at the white board as they walk by. And as they are looking I will like yell out to the have you ever heard of us!? and i think we had like 30 no's and 7 yes's within an hour. One man was walking by and I asked and he said "yeah!" I said well what do you already know about us! and he just said he had talked about he had met missionaries on the streets a couple times and they told him about us.
We continued to talk about changing our lives and experienceing a change of heart. He told me about how he really changed his life around the past 4 years. He quit drinking which was huge. He saw that it was ruining his family. And he really changed his life around. And just talked about how happy he really has been. The spirit was really strong and he said he has been searching for God and how to grow closer to him but felt like the church he was going to really wasnt right.
I taught him abou the restoration and how the fullness has been restored. It made sense to him that we needed it. And everything went well. we will meet soon. And before he left he said, You know im really happy we talk. I remember meeting other missionaries and alot of times I would just walk past them cause i was in a huge hurry, but everytime I saw them they would say "milego dnia!" Which means have a good day! And he always remembered that about us.
So its cool that their efforts to say that really didnt go wasted. I know God sees all our efforts! And he expects our effort!
I read a talk by President Uchtdorf this week called "Are you sleeping through the restoration?"
Lets always make sure we are involved in preparing for the coming of our Savior. And make sure we are involved and not just watching. The talk is super good.
But I love it out here. Im tryin to become better and better every week!
There are definatley hard times. but its easier to stay up than to get up! And the good times are so much better and make up for all the hard times!
Love you guys thanks so much for your love, suppport, and prayers!
Ofa lahi atu! Kocham Was Wszystkich!
wytrwaj do końca!
_Starszy Fotu