Friday, July 11, 2014


Hey how is everything going!!!!
Everything is going good here in Poland. The work continues to get faster and faster! Kind of frustrated cause I haven't found that person yet! But Im continueing to be patient and continue to work hard!
This week was really cool cause we took a little train ride to a little city just right outside of Wrocław, called Legnica. There are two members there that just couldnt be more excited about missionary work. There is a sister named Sister Call and another named Sister Zań. They legit talk to everyone about the Gospel. And we went there and had a good meeting with Sister Call and her land lord....
After she wanted to go out and go contacting with us.
On our way to this park that we were going to there was this younger guy sitting on a bench smoking. She just yells to him, "Hey! smoking is pretty bad for your help. Dont you want to stop?" She was super bold but super loving and smiling as she said it. The guy didnt get offend but was like "yeah, ive been doing it for about 15 years, so its kinda hard." Sister Call went over to him and just told him that God loves him and with God anything is possible. And just kinda told him why we are here. To help people with stuff like that. 
But its just really cool to see members here so excited about the work and doing something about it instead of just talking about it. There is a quote that i heard, "Soon people need to stop telling the stories of the Book of Mormon and start living them"
But this week has been pretty hard. We didn't have much success with finding anyone. But miracles are always happening! And just trying to stay grateful for my circumstances.
In church yesterday we actually did have an investigator. He bore his testimony...but then preached a little false doctrine at the end, saying that God's name is Jahvi? (Dont knwo how to spell it) Then our District President who has such a strong testimony got up and kinda straightened things out, saying people interprate the Bible in their own way. Thats why we need the Book of Mormon and Prophets. But our investigator is still pretty cool, the first lesson we had with him a while ago, he said he didn't have any sin..... So that was a little different. We will see how it goes.
After church I was helping with the finances and everything....cause it was a mess....(probably my fault) haha im like the second clerk here in this branch. And President Zań was there (District President) and then President Cieleński was there (Branch President) and so we were misssing some receipts and President Zań is just pretty frustrated with everything. haha and so President Cieleński is looking through his suit coat from receipts. He has 3 little girls and find this like super pink, yellow, orange, and red necklace in his coat and throws that on the table. haha and President Zań looks at it and says "oh great!" and picks it up and like holds the beads and starts to pretend like he is praying.....(catholics do this with their beads so that they can repent) hahahaha it was super funny. Maybe you had to be there. 
But eventually we figured everything out. So all is well! 
I thank you guys for writing me e-mails and what not! I really do appreciate them!
And I know your prayers help me so much. Im so thankful.
Love you guys! Thanks for the support.;)
ofa lahi atu
z miłośćą
_Elder Fotu

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