Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thankful Week

So this week was real good. Pretty had but im just gonna say it was good. Im learning alot.
The branch president here, President Cieleński, (he's amazing) challenger the priesthood brethern to go something this week to strengthen their family.
So I decided Im going to send you guys a letter with something that Im thanksful for every single one of you! so this might take some time......hopefully I dont have a sibiling I dont know about.......I remember when we didn't tell garrett for a while about litle baby emma while he was on his mission.
So we are gonna start out with Mom....Cause she's the most important.
I have no idea where to start. Since i've been on my mission, i've tried to think of a moment in my life where I have seen mom do something for herself. Mom wakes us everyday and everything she does is to help her 13 rascals. It's amazing to me. I've never met someone that has devoted their life to the service of others more than mom. And it's plainly out of love for us. And I know that Charity is the most important Christ-like attribute. So im grateful for mom cause she has taught me to serve and love others on my mission. And that really helps any situation I have.
Next is Dad!
Since coming on my mission I've noticed how crazy Dad really is. But im so grateful for it. Mom taught me love and Dad taught me how to work hard. How to motivate myself. How to hep others. And he taught me that if I had a dream that I can turn it into a reality. I've noticed how important it was for Dad to have Family Home Evening EVERY WEEK! I cant remember not having it. And i've seen how much that has had an impact on me. I remember sooo clearly Dad bearing his testimony and how strong the spirit really was with me. Im grateful for Dad cause he has taught me how to work hard for others, and work hard to recieve a strong testimony.
Alright everyone else is gonna have to be a little shorter.
Jacqueline (and Benj and Mischa)
So I dont know what was with me and Jacqueline, but we always got along. I remember playing Batman and Robin with her when i was really really young. But I have learned so much from her cause she has always had her priorities straight. She knows what is important and gets it done while being a good example for others. Im grateful for Jacqueline because she has taught me to keep priorities straight, be a good example for others, and have fun while doing it.
Next is MAHANA!!!!
haha Selu always knows what is important. And that was family and the gospel for her. I still remember her spending money to buy her sibilings clothes and shoes when money was tight for mom and Dad. She always showed love for us in so many ways. And was never afraid to stand up for what was right. Im grateful for mahana cause she has taught me to love people, and always do what is right no matter what others are doing around you.
I havent seen Garrett for 3 years almost. But He has always been the big brother that I needed. And always the perfect example. He was always willing to help the younger sibilings, and everyone knew if they needed something they could go to him. His example of going on a mission helped push me to be a better older brother in the home, and then to follow him to the field. Im grateful for Garrett cause he's been he perfect example for me.
Isaac is next....I loved Isaac cause he was always so humble. Willing to listen to anyone. And that is going to go a lonnnng way in the mission field. The humble learn quicker. But I remember that Isaac was getting huge and good at football and rugby, and I knew he'd always be better than I was, But I never told him that cause I wanted him to stay humble. Im grateful for Isaac cause he has taught me to stay humble, and relaxed even when things go bad.
Lennon reminds me alot of myself. But Lennon has always had no fear in doing things. He isnt afraid to share his testimony with anyone! And I know I've felt the spirit while he does and it's built my testimony. He has always been an example to all around him. Im grateful for Lennon cause he has taught me to never be scurred!!!! And to just go do it.
Kerstin is always so loving, and willing to help. She works hard and has just the best spirit about her, making everyone around her want to be better. Im grateful for Kerst cause she has always had a light in her that i've tried working for, and taught me how to selfless.
Jared is the man. He's got the testimony and he loves sharing it. Jared is a beast on the football field. But really he is a loving friend to everyone that he is around. And always laughing and having fun, with buidling up everyone around him higher than himself.
Spencer...I think Lennon, Spenc, and I are alot alike. Spencer is just a quite and humble kid. But when the time comes to work he ges it done. As a missionary you have to deal with pressure and performing under pressure. Spencer is never scared to face anything.
Olivia. (my other mahana)
I love olivia cause she always helps with everything. And she is a leader. (the boss) She is always doing what is right first instead of following. And she loves her family so much. I miss her and her laugh.
I forgot Connor. Connor is one of the most loving kids in the family. And really really good at helping. Always willing to help. And he loves to joke around and have fun. Im grateful for Connor cause he has taught me how to have fun and be a helper.
Last is my girl Emma.
Emma is a miracle and a blessing in my life. I love her so much. And miss taking care of her. Because of her struggle of coming into this life with her health. I remember being really scard for her. And cause of that experience, it really strengthened my relationship with my Heavenly Father.
Well family I love you all. I really could just sit on here and write for the rest of my mission about you all. Keep loving eachother. And keep doing missionary work. The Lord has blessed us so much. Because we have all been born of good and righteous parents. Starting with our grandparents! I love you all so much. (Grandma and Grandpa too)
But im working hard and continue to try my best to help those here in Poland experience the same joy we have. Loves
Ofa lahi atu! Kocham Was Wszystkich!
_Starszy Jacob Fotu

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