Monday, July 14, 2014


Man so much that happened this week. Im just gonna get right to it. 
So I had an exchange with Elder Dodge this week again. That was fun. It's always fun to be with someone on the other side of the world that you went to high school with. I learned a ton and set some good goals.
Next, we had this service project. This random lady that a member knew need help moving on Thursday. But the thing was she lived like a 40 min train ride away. So we actually cant really go unless we get permission from our mission pres. I called President Edgren and he seemed a little iffy about it and just said I will leave it up to you to decide. So I prayed and what not and it came down to where I just decided that we should go. This lady's name is Bazena. She is like 50. Lives alone and is divorced and has 2 boys. She was a super happy lady and so nice. And we helped her move a bunch of stuff. And after while we were waiting for our train we worked slowly into the gospel. You could tell she was really lacking something in life. And she told us that she really wanted to get to know God. She would almost cry with every answer she gave. So we hope more will come out of it. And we will be in contact with her. She gave us big hugs when we left....(against the rules) haha but its ok i think with older woman.
Next...The other day we were walking around the rynek (town square) and I saw this younger couple sitting with their little girl. I told them we were sharing a message today about God's Plan. They said what kind of message (as they laughed a little) I just started tellin them that God has a plan for everyone of us and wants us to be happy. I sat down next to them and talked to them for about thirty mins. It was really awesome and spiritual. And They had a little girl that was like 3 years old. The Dad was holding a like balloon for her that was one of those balloons that they like make into a dog or hat. And Through out the lesson i introduced the Book of Mormon and I handed it to the Dad. As I did he set the balloon down in between us but the wind started to blow it away... I grabbed the balloon to stop it, and it popped..........I was like ohhhh no.... as i looked back at the little girl that was playing behind me.... and she just started bawling.....hahahah it was soo bad. I felt soo bad. And the Dad was like "Ola...its didnt even want it....." hahha and she just ran off bawling..... so bad.
But this Dad named Rafael was so solid. Told me how he lived like ten years in his 20's just trying to make his business huge! and realized after he had reached his goal that none of that brought him true happiness. And so he got married. Sold his company. And he said he just hangs out with his family all day. But it super humble guy. So I got their number and he said we could possibly meet. So im pretty stoked for that. Its not often that you get a family and you end up giving them a book and getting their number. 
Last thing.....
We this transfer has been pretty hard for me. My comp and I have been having some problems. Its starting to work out. And I was just really stressin about everything.....(im not the one to stress about things) and i was getting pretty down on myself. But i preyed for help. The other day during personal study I thought back to when I was about 13 to 18 years old and realized how excited I really was to be a missionary at that time. And it was my biggest dream. And now Im actually LIVIN THE DREAM. It just really brought a sense of grattitude and realization that im living the dream so all i need to do is my best and enjoy the moment. Im happy I can represent Jesus Christ and share His message with Poland. I love it out here. Im learning so much.
Miss you all. Ofa lahi atu! Kocham was wszystkich!
_Elder Fotu

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