Monday, January 12, 2015

Blessings, Blessings, and more Blessings.

Well this week was a winner. Its amazing how when we raise our expectations, its a form of showing our faith, and the Lord's brings miracles according to faith. But it's been amazing to see and hear of the missionaries experiences as they've showed their mental faith.
First off, Emmanuel! We had a solid lesson with him last monday. I picked up my comp from the train station, Elder Hon (who I trained), we were on exchange. And we went straight to the meeting. We had lost contact with Emmanuel for a while cause he was sick and in the hospital, but he called us wanting to meet. And he said he would be baptized on Feb. 7th if he received an answer from God that it was true. We are stoked about that. Also we have another kid named Peter (Piotr). Younger kid probably our age, studying Law. Such a nice kid. But he is just so ready to receive the gospel. We had an amazing first lesson with him and we are look to help him progress towards following our savior this week! So pray for us!
Many things are happening. Its about to get really busy. This week we have 2 exchanges with zone leaders. So the whole week will be exchanges. Next week we will travel down (roadtrip!!! woot woot!) And do an exchange with the zone Leaders there. And from Katowice we will drive to Kraków to pick up Elder Charles of the Area Presidency who is coming in to do a mission tour. We are taking him to the Salt Mines. So if you guys wanna look up pictures of that  I hear its pretty cool. We are gonna try to work in going to Auszwitz also.....But we will see;) We will have the Mission Tour with Elder Charles and his Wife. And then we will probably be working on transfers with President after that. 
This transfer has been really good then cause we've been able to manage our time better and really hit the streets and find those prepared. We've been so blessed. And I get a little anxious when I hear about time or think about time and how fast its really going. When I sit in sacrament meeting I just look around at those there, and just feel so much love and faith coming from them. They really do amaze. Ill always remember them for that.
Yesterday was a pretty fun day. In church I was translating into english. We have this mic and these little headsets for those that speak english. Its pretty intense and keeps us up on our toes. But its really fun. I was translating with Elder Fogg. He's from Cottonwood High. Ill actually be on exchange with him today.
The church is growing. The Kingdom of the Lord cannot be stopped. And we should always have it as our first priority in all that we have in life.
I love being here. Im so thankful for all of your support! Love and miss you all!
Pray, Read, Temple, and Serve.
z miłośćą
kocham was wszystkich! trzymaj się! tęsknię za wami!
_Starszy Fotu

The New Year!

This week was pretty amazing. We had new years.... which was crazy. This country goes all out with their fireworks and alcohol....which is a disappointment. There is fireworks ALL throughout the night that keeps us up usually. It usually doesnt keep me up but I go the worst nights sleep this year cause i had a bad little cold. New years eve we are supposed to be inside by 16:00 cause it gets so crazy. And all 20 of the missionaries in warsaw were invited over to the mission home to stay the night. It was way fun. Some of you saw the selfy I took on Sister Edgren's I Pad that she posted on instagram. It was a party.
We ate some food. And then we watched Meet the Mormons! haha It was pretty awesome. I love the film. Its pretty amazing to see what the gospel does for peoples in their lives. That really is the gold found in it. I love it. I loved the humanitarian man that went back to his country and built water wells and schools. Its pretty amazing the vision that he had to have to do all of that. I think I want to be a humanitarian later in life. The football scenes of the Coach at Navy really made me miss it. But I know there is more in life.
Well this week we had Zone Trainings. Thats where the Zone Leaders take everything we taught them in MLC and teach their zones. The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are very young. But it was amazing to see the preparation they did and the fire they had as they taught it. I can seriously see the mindset and expectations that missionaries have changes. And I know this hastens the work of the Lord. Cause when we have high expectations we are prepared to teach those who the Lord has prepared. The Lord blesses us when he trusts us. Now the question we can all ask ourselves is, Does the Lord trust you?
Not only the mindset of the missionaries is changing but also the members. In Church yesterday the third hour was focused on the Area Plan for Europe that the Area Presidency has come up with. Some of the members just have the biggest desire and commitment to build the kingdom here. We are super excited for that. The Lord continues to hasten his work here. I can testify to all of you of that. Ive got a feeling that he is about to pour out his blessings on Poland.
Well we are working hard in our area and have a lot of potential that could really come through for us this week. A man named Emanuel last night got back in contact with us. He was a referral from Utah and actually from Nigeria. He is so humble and we lost contact with him for a while. But he wants to meet today. So im pretty stoked for that! Today we have a exchange with some Elders from the City Bydgoszcz. And guess what.... my trainee Elder Hon is comin down with me. So we will teach Emanuel tonight. Pretty stoked about that!
Well time is running out. I just want you all to know that I love the Lord. Elder Clarke when he gave us some train he asked us if we had any family members that hadnt accepted the gospel. Im lucky enough to have my close family in the gospel. But he continued to ask what we would do to help them receive the gospel? Ive been on the streets imagining if these people around me were my own siblings. At first is was really sad cause so many people said..."nie mam czasu.." ( I dont have time) But then for those that stopped I realized that I was bearing my testimony with more of my heart.
I think thats what Charity really is. When we truly understand what it means to all be brothers and sisters. We are all on the same path and have the same goal in life. On your mission is the best time to try and realize that and apply it. 
I love it out here. The Lord loves us. We should love him.
Love and miss you all! Thank you for the Support!
_Starszy Fotu

Week 1 of 2015!!!!

Wasssgooood! I can't believe 2015 is here........
So crazy. This has been the fastest year of my life! But most definitely the best year of my life! In our call letter as missionaries it says we will experiences the greatest blessings and happiness than we have yet experienced. I had no idea about that when I opened up my call 2 years ago.
It was an amazing week. Obviously amazing to talk to my family for a little while! (And braxton and connor) haha crazy crazy story......
So we had something called MLC (mission leadership council) this past week that we had to prepare and teach to all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. It was amazing. The mindset of the mission is really changing. And President Edgren has a really good freind named Elder Clarke on the Mission Board for the church. Its his calling. He is one of the most amazing speakers and just people. I've never seen someone speak with so much power because of his dedication to doing missionary work. He never stops. He is always grabbing people by the arm and telling them they need to hear the gospel. So Elder Clarke skyped us on the 26th. He pretty much just hammered us with everything on changing the mindset and expectations of missionaries. It was amazing. He started out by saying....."I have a really good friend name Danny Humphrey...." haha my face was just like what... And I just like looked up and he noticed some how through skype. And he asked..."Do you know Danny Humphrey?" hahha I was like yes I do. He asked how and I told him about how I talked to connor just yesterday! haha It was pretty funny. But the mission leadership council was pretty. The leaders in the mission are young and ready to go to work. Im so excited about it. Cause I know the mission is about to get poured on with blessings cause of our mental faith and raised expectations. It makes sense too that the Lord blesses us when he trusts us as missionaries. And he trusts us with his children when we are prepared. And we are prepared when we are expecting it to happen! 
So for my little spiritual thought is gonna be from our e-mail that we sent out to the missionaries in the mission......This is week we end the year 2014 and start 2015. A perfect time to check our progress and recommit ourselves to reaching the potential that the Lord has in store for us. We've achieved many goals this past year and maybe even fallen short. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (in Janruary 2014) explained that when we fall short of our goals, "we can be empowered... Even though we might fall short of our finish line, just continuing the journey will make us greater than we were before."
He also taught about the old proverb, " The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now." Keep in mind who the Lord wants you to be not only in 20 years but in eternity, set goals and make plans to develop the best of habits. And choose to plant a greater love of Christ in your heart now. If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.
We are excited for our area! We've got tons of faith and high expectations! So we will let you guys know about that soon!
Thanks for everything! Have a good week!
_Starszy Fotu

Christmas is here ya'll

Well again I don't have much time. The mission just keeps getting better and better.
I really do love just preaching the gospel on the streets and inviting people to repent. Meaning invite them to learn more about the gospel and pray and read. But it really is amazing to feel the Spirit work through you. Its pretty amazing now to cause im able to teach a little more clearly and people actually understand me a little more. I love it. Thats probably what im going to miss the most from my mission. Preaching the gospel to these people. They are pretty amazing.
Well its Christmas. I've been really trying to make this Christmas special. Last year was really special. It was my first Christmas away from home. Also my last Christmas at home was pretty amazing. With Emma in the hospital, our family united, and running around trying to make the Christmas right for the young kids (Isaac and I buying that ugly tree) but the kids still loved it.;). I feel like every year im recieving more light and understanding of Christmas. And if we really do so then we find parts in our lives to recommit ourselves to Him.
I love being here cause the service of bringing others unto Him has been a bigger service in my life.
We have alot of potentials that should work out once the holidays are over. So pray for us!;)
This week is very very busy. Today we will drive 3 hours to Poznań with President and Sister Edgren. And We have Christmas Zone Conferences and then MLC (mission leadership council) So alot of training and changing;) Really working on changing the mindset of the mission and the missionaries. Showing them what real success is (our committment) and helping them raise their expectations. This will help us have more converted and committed missionaries, but also more fruit in the work.
Continue to remember the basics. I hope I can take that from my mission. Doing the basics everyday. Never forget your highest priority in life. Building the kingdom of God.
Love you all! Remember Christ. He was born, lived, died, rose again, and lives. Continues to serve us. Use the power from his sacrifice of love.
_Starszy Fotu