Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas is here ya'll

Well again I don't have much time. The mission just keeps getting better and better.
I really do love just preaching the gospel on the streets and inviting people to repent. Meaning invite them to learn more about the gospel and pray and read. But it really is amazing to feel the Spirit work through you. Its pretty amazing now to cause im able to teach a little more clearly and people actually understand me a little more. I love it. Thats probably what im going to miss the most from my mission. Preaching the gospel to these people. They are pretty amazing.
Well its Christmas. I've been really trying to make this Christmas special. Last year was really special. It was my first Christmas away from home. Also my last Christmas at home was pretty amazing. With Emma in the hospital, our family united, and running around trying to make the Christmas right for the young kids (Isaac and I buying that ugly tree) but the kids still loved it.;). I feel like every year im recieving more light and understanding of Christmas. And if we really do so then we find parts in our lives to recommit ourselves to Him.
I love being here cause the service of bringing others unto Him has been a bigger service in my life.
We have alot of potentials that should work out once the holidays are over. So pray for us!;)
This week is very very busy. Today we will drive 3 hours to Poznań with President and Sister Edgren. And We have Christmas Zone Conferences and then MLC (mission leadership council) So alot of training and changing;) Really working on changing the mindset of the mission and the missionaries. Showing them what real success is (our committment) and helping them raise their expectations. This will help us have more converted and committed missionaries, but also more fruit in the work.
Continue to remember the basics. I hope I can take that from my mission. Doing the basics everyday. Never forget your highest priority in life. Building the kingdom of God.
Love you all! Remember Christ. He was born, lived, died, rose again, and lives. Continues to serve us. Use the power from his sacrifice of love.
_Starszy Fotu

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