Monday, September 30, 2013


"Whats up ya'll!?!?" haha thats how jacqueline would say it.;)
This week was so awesome! We had some really good things happen. I was sick which kinda stunk a little! So we had to rest for a day. But it was just a cold. I was just all stuffy. haha I told my companion that whenever I got sick at home all my dad would ever say was "DRINK WATER!!!" haha he said his dad said the same thing! 
Just so you know I drank 10 liters of water. So much water! I think i almost drowned myself. But The sickness was gone the next day! 
We are still kinda in the process of finding some people. And I think we actually did! We are really trying to build up the youth in this Branch! And right know we got a couple investigators that we should meet with this week! Patryk, Wojtek, Magda, and Edward! So pray for them!
This gospel can help sooo many people but I dont think they realize it.
We are coming up with a bunch of different finding activities! One of the Crazier things was on friday! We did a soap box! haha we stood on this like 2 foot wall and just preached like they did in the old times. We were just in a area where big groups of people would come and go. Some people like hated it, some people were a little startled, and some were actually interested! I really didnt plan on doing it cause I cant speak polish! 
haha but the 3 other Elders did it and were pushin me to do it! So I DID it! hahha it was so nerve racking but so fun. People are just wondering what this brown guy is doing yelling. I only did it for like 10 seconds. And the key to doing it is just Smiling and talking with a happy voice. But being super loud! hahaha it was so crazy! Next time I will try recording some of it!
What we say is pretty much just testify! 
haha it was super fun, and I think we will be more effective in the future as we become better and better at it.
I had a realization on sunday of how much polish I am learning. It's so crazy. Ever since I have been in Szczecin I have learned soo much more polish. The Lord has truly blessed me soo much I can't even explain.
But please continue to pray for me cause i can honestly feel the affect from prayer! Thank you all so much for your prayers!
Sister Burns got her call! haha Guadalajara Mexico East Mission! hahah geeezzz sooo awesome! She is gonna be the most amazing missionary! And by the way I totaly called that she was going there in a letter. Ask her yourself.;) Thats sooo awesome though. So stoked for her and how much she will learn. But also how much joy she will have! Missionary work brings a different joy than anything else can! I love it soo much. The feeling of helping others is the best!
I challenge everyone to serve Everyone around them! Search for those oppurtunities to serve. I know as you do so the Lord will bless you with oppurtunities and with more happiness than you have ever had. 
So General Conference is this week! hahah I've been looking towards this forever! Im so excited. Every morning I listen to some conference talk or just the music from conference and I almost start crying cause im so excited. ha jokes. but really.
Something that everyone should do is come up with some questions you have that you want answered. As you truly search for your answers in Conference I promise you the Lord will bless you with them and you will feel his spirit soooo strong. I love you all sooo much!
I love my family soo much. More than anything. I cant wait til we all are in the celestial kingdom!
Much love. I am sending a couple voice recordings with this. It would be nice if you all sent me some! Loves.
                                                   Elder Fotu

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ice cream on a knife ;)
The banana bread I made ;)
Me and my comp in our bow ties that we got!
love Poland!!!

really cool park that we live right by. sooo pretty.
probably doesnt look that pretty in the pics.
but i love Poland. And this city! (Szczecin)

more pics of the park.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Pics This Week!

Early in the morning that's why my eye looks weird. but that is my old companion Elder Garfield on transfer days.
Then the next two pics are just outside our chapel window. kinds cool europy looking streets.

The banana bread i made. yeah just call me chef bouyardeee? hahah 
me and my new comp. Elder Mikolyski! Best missionary ever!
And the wholes in my shows. its worse than it looks.
Ill take more pics of the country its beautiful here!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello from Szczecin!

This week has been crazy busy and crazy awesome!

After a lonnnng train ride (7 hours) I am now in Szczecin! Which is almost in Germany! This city is so awesome! You guys should look it up! I love it here so much. I've never been so excited about missionary work! 
So first off my new companion is Elder Mikołyski! He is from South Jordan, went to Bingham! He is in Garrett's grade. He is soooo awesome! This is his last transfer and then he's goin home! He told me " I dont wanna talk about going home...there is way to much i need to do before even thinking about that." That is what kind of missionary he is! Im soo excited. And he has already taught me so much, language wise and teaching wise! In this city it is just us two and another companionship! Elder Vernon and Elder Hardy! 4 MAN CITY!!!! 

The branch is very small here! We meet in this little buidling above like all of these different bars. hahah so crazy. And there was 8 people in church on sunday. and 4 missionaries. My companion is actually the branch president. so the bishop. Yeah thats how small it is.

But its sooo good. the members are soo awesome! So much faith and i love them so much!
Some realllly good things are happening! First off, we got the best district in the world! We have sooo much faith and hard work in this district. Which consists of us two companionship's.. We set some really high but very possible goals on sunday! we want to get 4 baptisms, 200 lessons, 32 new investigators as a district this transfer! So we gotta do half of this just me and elder mikołyski! Us 4 Elders are sooo excited! We are really gonna hit those goals!

Our Poland Warsaw Mission goal for baptisms is 72 baptisms. Im not sure what we are at now! But I got an e-mail from Justin Simpson, he said their goal is 555 BAPTISMS in a year!!! hahah holy smokes! That is sooo awesome! I get sooo excited when I hear how fast the work is going in the states and everywhere in the world!
Sounds like the little kids are doing awesome! Tell jared and kerstin im sorry i didnt write them for their birthdays! But tell them i love them more than ever! My gratitude for my family has grown sooo much since being on my mission. I love you all so much! Tell my fav little neice Happy Birthday TOO!!! I miss that little stink.
So quick story! Our second day in the city we were just walking to the chapel (30 min walk, if we walk fast.) And I stoppped and talked to an older looking man. He was sooo funny. He stopped and said his name is "Alexander the GReat!!!" haha sooo funny. We asked if we could meet with him tomorrow and share more about our message! So yeah got our first lesson set up! So the next day, my companion was super busy with Branch President stuff and so me and Elder Hardy had to go teach the lesson! haha yeah me and Elder Hardy are in the same MTC group. We've been in the country the same amount of time! We were freakin out! haha so scared! But excited at the same time.

We went and met with Alex the Great! And it was the best lesson i've had so far on my mission! The spirit was sooo strong. And even though Alex said a lot that we couldn't understand it at alll!!!! It was still so good. And guess what he had already read 30 pages into the Book of Mormon! We were stunned, and we were even more stunned when we went to share a scripture with him in Moroni, and Alex said, "Oh Moroni? that is Mormon's son right?" hahah we were like yeah! this guy is so awesome! Its so fun to have a investigator that actually reads and studys! The lesson went great and we were so pumped! I prayed with all my heart that night that alex would be in Church. AND HE WAS!!!! woot woot!!! First time i've seen on of our investigators in church! I was so stoked. Church was way good. only 8 others showed up plus us missionaries. so 12. But the spirit was so strong there and we are meeting with Alex tomorrow! I really hope he decides to accept this gospel! 

I'm gonna work so hard this transfer! I know our District is going to DO WORK! Im so pumped. Gonna take a lot of relying on the Lord, and but I know he will be there for us if we work diligently and have faith! I love this mission sooo much! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else!

I finished the Book of Mormon again! I love that Book so much! I know that anyone can grow closer to God with that Book than any other book! Everyone needs to read it daily! EVERY DAY!!!! Say your prayers. Heavenly Father wants to here from you! Go to temple. I miss the temple soooo much! I love you all! Pray for me! And thanks for EVERYTHING!

                                   -Starszy Fotu

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whatssss Happennnninnn!!!!


So this week has been so awesome! hahah well actually just the past couple of days. Cause this week we got flaked by 7 out of 9 meetings we had set up;( Really disappointing! But still a good week! We had a really good meeting with Łukasz! He is a younger guy and meets with us to Learn English and learn more bout the Church. But with him it was been kinda frustrating cause he doesnt have any desire to Read the Book of Mormon, or Pray. Which is what you have to do!!! hahah but he believes that he just needs to be a good person in this life and Serve others! Which is really good! But he needs this gospel. In our Lesson we read with him the talk by Elder D. Todd Christofferson! Such a good talk. And talking about boys need to be come men! Łukasz agreed with everything in the talk and really liked it. And said "this guy seems to be really smart...." 
hahah he is actually really funny. And the spirit was really strong in the meeting! and I testified to him that he really did need this gospel in his life! And that God needed men like him to hold the Power of God!!! (the priesthood) And we needed his help in the work that we were doing. I think it got him fired up a little. And he committed to reading the Book of Mormon even if it was just a little everyday!! So exciting. 
The Book of Mormon is more important than we think. I know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to read the Book of Mormon with a open heart, without seeing and feeling the Words of Christ! I love it sooo much! I read it EVERY! President Nielson told us when coming into the mission before he left. He committed us to read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY. Im going to do so and I challenge you all to do so!
So yesterday was transfer calls!!! And I'm going to a city called SZCZECIN! I'm sooo stoked!!! it a 7 hour train ride away! But my new companions name is Starszy Mikałyski! I've heard he is awesome! and it is his last transfer before going home! So im sure he is just wanna go HARD the whole time!! Which is what I wanna do! Im stoked! except not too exciting for the whole train ride by myself. And I dont speak polish! haha its all good though!
I'm not sure about my Address yet. I'll let you know though!
If you keep sending stuff to that first address it is just the Mission Office. So i will get it eventually. It will just talk longer! But I will let you know next week! So yeah on Thursday I head out to Szczecin!
Thank you so much for the Prayers! I can feel them everyday! The Lord is really working Miracles ALL OVER THE WORLD in HIS work! And its sooo exciting! Please keep my updated! Thank you selu and Garrett for your e-mails! Imma print them off and read them again! But sorry I dont have time to reply to them!
Oh and Selu told me who the new Bishop was. Bishop Hunt!!!! I am not surprised at all. I loved Bishop Pimantel! But I love Bishop Hunt. He was such an example to me all throughtout since we have lived there. I can tell his love for the youth and everyone that he was around is so strong. He truely is a Charitable guy. Which is sooo important. I saw him in the MTC and he just gave me the BIGGEST hug! and was so excited to see me! and we both kinda started to tear up a little i think. haha at least i did.
But thats very exciting. Im sure he will be awesome!
Tell him Hi for me!
Thanks for everything you guys! 
I will send some pics! I love you all so much! Everyone remember what really matters in life! Put your treasures in Heaven! Cause your hearts are where you treasures are! Love you all! Im workin my butt off! loves.

                                     -Starszy Fotu