Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello from Szczecin!

This week has been crazy busy and crazy awesome!

After a lonnnng train ride (7 hours) I am now in Szczecin! Which is almost in Germany! This city is so awesome! You guys should look it up! I love it here so much. I've never been so excited about missionary work! 
So first off my new companion is Elder Mikołyski! He is from South Jordan, went to Bingham! He is in Garrett's grade. He is soooo awesome! This is his last transfer and then he's goin home! He told me " I dont wanna talk about going home...there is way to much i need to do before even thinking about that." That is what kind of missionary he is! Im soo excited. And he has already taught me so much, language wise and teaching wise! In this city it is just us two and another companionship! Elder Vernon and Elder Hardy! 4 MAN CITY!!!! 

The branch is very small here! We meet in this little buidling above like all of these different bars. hahah so crazy. And there was 8 people in church on sunday. and 4 missionaries. My companion is actually the branch president. so the bishop. Yeah thats how small it is.

But its sooo good. the members are soo awesome! So much faith and i love them so much!
Some realllly good things are happening! First off, we got the best district in the world! We have sooo much faith and hard work in this district. Which consists of us two companionship's.. We set some really high but very possible goals on sunday! we want to get 4 baptisms, 200 lessons, 32 new investigators as a district this transfer! So we gotta do half of this just me and elder mikołyski! Us 4 Elders are sooo excited! We are really gonna hit those goals!

Our Poland Warsaw Mission goal for baptisms is 72 baptisms. Im not sure what we are at now! But I got an e-mail from Justin Simpson, he said their goal is 555 BAPTISMS in a year!!! hahah holy smokes! That is sooo awesome! I get sooo excited when I hear how fast the work is going in the states and everywhere in the world!
Sounds like the little kids are doing awesome! Tell jared and kerstin im sorry i didnt write them for their birthdays! But tell them i love them more than ever! My gratitude for my family has grown sooo much since being on my mission. I love you all so much! Tell my fav little neice Happy Birthday TOO!!! I miss that little stink.
So quick story! Our second day in the city we were just walking to the chapel (30 min walk, if we walk fast.) And I stoppped and talked to an older looking man. He was sooo funny. He stopped and said his name is "Alexander the GReat!!!" haha sooo funny. We asked if we could meet with him tomorrow and share more about our message! So yeah got our first lesson set up! So the next day, my companion was super busy with Branch President stuff and so me and Elder Hardy had to go teach the lesson! haha yeah me and Elder Hardy are in the same MTC group. We've been in the country the same amount of time! We were freakin out! haha so scared! But excited at the same time.

We went and met with Alex the Great! And it was the best lesson i've had so far on my mission! The spirit was sooo strong. And even though Alex said a lot that we couldn't understand it at alll!!!! It was still so good. And guess what he had already read 30 pages into the Book of Mormon! We were stunned, and we were even more stunned when we went to share a scripture with him in Moroni, and Alex said, "Oh Moroni? that is Mormon's son right?" hahah we were like yeah! this guy is so awesome! Its so fun to have a investigator that actually reads and studys! The lesson went great and we were so pumped! I prayed with all my heart that night that alex would be in Church. AND HE WAS!!!! woot woot!!! First time i've seen on of our investigators in church! I was so stoked. Church was way good. only 8 others showed up plus us missionaries. so 12. But the spirit was so strong there and we are meeting with Alex tomorrow! I really hope he decides to accept this gospel! 

I'm gonna work so hard this transfer! I know our District is going to DO WORK! Im so pumped. Gonna take a lot of relying on the Lord, and but I know he will be there for us if we work diligently and have faith! I love this mission sooo much! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else!

I finished the Book of Mormon again! I love that Book so much! I know that anyone can grow closer to God with that Book than any other book! Everyone needs to read it daily! EVERY DAY!!!! Say your prayers. Heavenly Father wants to here from you! Go to temple. I miss the temple soooo much! I love you all! Pray for me! And thanks for EVERYTHING!

                                   -Starszy Fotu

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