Monday, February 23, 2015

-Family and Friends-

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing good. Mam nadzieję że wszystko w porządku u was wszystkich! Mam nadzieję że zima już się skończyła i macie piękną pogodę!!!
Well every is going sooo welll! We are right in the middle of transfers! So Im leave my apartment. Im going to be with Elder Allen! woot woot! He is supposed to be going home tomorrow but decided to extend for 30 days! President is sending us around to EVERY city in Poland to conduct exchanges and do some trainings! So I got to go to every city! Im so stoked to spend time with the missionaries! We have 10 different cities, 11 train rides, and all in 25 days. We are pretty stoked. Its gonna be crazy busy living out of a suitcase and traveling so much. But I couldnt be more stoked! Elder Kimball is coming to be AP with Elder Retallick! Im so stoked for them! Elder Kimball and I were set apart by President Bangerter! They are the most awesome missionaries!
So im pretty stoked for that! I get to go back to my old cities for one last time and see the members there. Im so excited.

Well this week was pretty awesome. I dont really feel like Im leaving my area. But Im excited to do the training and exchanges with the missionaries. Since being in Warsaw i've learned so much. My last transfer in Wrocław was pretty rough I think. I had probably never had such low confidence. I didnt really could be Assistant with being an example and leading everyone. But I learned so much. And Im so thankful. I remember getting into the first mission leadership council having no idea what to do and how I was going to do the training. But just having to rely on the Lord fully and teach by the spirit. Thats probably the biggest thing I've learned since being here is how the Lord speaks to me through His Spirit. It has built a lot of confidence and faith in the Savior.
Read Doctrine and Covenants 50:24
I hope we all have a time where we reflect on the light that we can receive from our Father in Heaven. Everyday.
I love you all. Thanks for everything. Keep killin it!
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring is coming!

Another awesome week in Poland!

I gotta be quick so Ill just get to what I wanted to share with you all!
Thursday we had a whiteboard on the street. Asking people questions. This girl named Ola. So prepared. I stopped her and she said she had time so we sat down on a bench. I asked her a little about what she believed in. She said she goes to church and believes in God but doesnt like some things that the Priest say. She said she focuses more on what she feels inside and what God is saying to her more than focusing on what is written. She was so prepared. Cause so many people just focus on what is written and proof leaving no room for faith. We spoke about a little while. Then I told her about the restoration and God calling a prophet. She asked more about Joseph Smith. And in the end she said this all makes sense that God would send someone to bring everything back together. She is so prepared! We are meeting with her on thursday! So pray for us! 

Well every week we send out an e-mail to the mission! And so im just gonna copy and paste my spirit little thought into this e-mail! You can apply to your lives just like we do as missionaries.

In Proverbs 29:18 we read, "Where there is no vision, the people perish" The plan of Salvation gives us a long-term vision in this journey through life. The definition of vision is a mental image of what the future will or could be like. What is your vision of this week? What vision do you have for yourself in your mission? What vision does your investigator have for themselves? If you have one for yourself then write it down and make goals to do act. Help your investigators see the vision they can have for themselves with "coming unto Christ".

I love you all! I couldnt be more blessed to have the support that I have from you all. This next week is gonna be a little crazy with transfers. So I might not get much time to e-mail. But I will let you know where im going next week! Lets just say Im really excited for it! Keep killin it. Love God and your fellow men.

z miłośćą

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here are some pics!

Dagmara (from szczecin) and I. She's probably my favorite member in all of Poland. Cause she is so faithful.

My little girl Marysza. She's the best thing ever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jak się macie?

Cześć Wam!
Tęsknię za wami bardzo. Ale jeszcze skupię się na swojej misji. Kocham ten kraj, kocham tych ludzi;)
Well this week was pretty amazing. First off we had some awesome zone trainings. The Zone leaders and sister training leaders are pretty amazing here. They've really stepped it up and being examples for all the missionaries and training well.
So here's a story for ya'll.......
We were at a Zone Training in Warsaw and at the end a Sister got a random text saying....."hey i was in church a while ago. Im not a member but im really interested in meeting with the missionaries again...." So that by its self was a miracle....
After Zone training we were on the streets talking with people and just really were pondering on what we could do to find those prepared. (finding ideas) We contact alot....we tract apartment buildings alot... the best tool to find and in all missionary work is the Spirit. So we were pondering and ran into a man that told us to wait outside his apartment building cause he'd be right back to talk with us about our message. As we waited we continued to talk and ponder ideas and we were just really feeling the spirit and felt like we were close to thinking of a good idea. As we waited this old grandma came up to us and just started going off about how crazy the world is and how people dont have jobs and just went off (who knows why). hahaha it was kinda funny. But as she kept going off I kinda sat and thought for a moment why is this happening right now when we are trying to seek the Lord's help. So I actually decided to listen to what she was saying.... And I cant even remember what she said but it made me think of school and college....And eventually led us to think of going to the universities in Warsaw and seeing if we could do like a presentation for classes that were studying religion. We talked about it and it was "first a thought that pressed upon our feelings." We got excited and planned out some ideas. The next couple days we went to a couple universities to find out if we could do so, the universities were either on break right now or too late to talk to the right people. And we would have to come back in a couple weeks. Our energy died down a little about it, but we were still excited to go back cause we felt it was inspired.
On Friday the Sister missionary that received the miracle text after the zone training called me and said she had met with the girl that was interested. She said the girl was awesome and really interested in changing her life with Christ. She also said the girl is studying at the University of Warsaw and has a class that studies religion....They dont have much information on "mormons" so they were wondering if a couple missionaries could come do a presentation.......haha yessssssss..... Pretty amazing. So we are going to the university on the 19th of February... and sooo stoked about it! The sisters wanted us to prepare it cause they have only been in the country for a couple months so dont speak the language as well as my comp Elder Retallick. (he's a beast) But the sisters that called us are so sick they speak polish so good and just are killin it.
Well thats my miracle story. Wait another one......

Well people changing... thats what we are doing. We are pretty bold with people on the streets. But its ok cause you can be as bold as you want as long as you go off the spirit and most importantly your motive behind it. I can seriously feel a love inside for these people. I dont wanna leave ever. So ya'll may never see my again;)
But early in the e-mail I mention how the spirit worked with me..... I really studied and pondered how the Lord speaks to me. Its probably one of the hardest things to figure out as his children. But In the D&C 8:2-3/128:1
really good scriptures for receiving revelation. Also true to the faith topic:revelation.
But for me.... I have to be prepared. I usually have to be pondering. And the Lord will put a thought into my head....I ponder that and it will eventually "impress upon my heart." It was a huge testimony builder for me that our heart follows our mind. So learn to control your thoughts and then your heart will be there also. If you dont like a commandment or you dont enjoy doing the Lord's will, "pretend" and show your faith that you do in your thoughts. And through the atonement of Christ your heart will change.
Im done preaching. I love you all.
z miłośćą
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well I guess thats another month.....February is here. Everytime I hit a first day of a new month it just kind of blows my mind. So now i've been out for 21 months. When you get close to the end you have more and more thoughts come to your mind of home and the people you will see in a just a couple months. But I feel like im doing pretty good in keeping those out and staying busy. No time for that stuff.
This week was pretty amazing.
We did some follow up trainings this week. Tuesday night we stayed at the mission home. And Wednesday morning we woke up to drive to Bydgoszcz. As some of you saw President worked us in P90x. haha He's a beast. It was fun. Till after. It took my legs a couple days to recoop. After the work out my comp had some of the smoothie and President made for us. And he accidently forgot the protein powder had milk in it. My comp has a light allergy. So that wasnt good. President felt sooo bad. So we took him in and President and I continued to Bydgoszcz to do the training. It was actually pretty awesome to talk with him for so long about alot of things and just get his wisdom and stories.
The trainings went really well. So we are pretty excited!
What else happened.......
I love slidding on the snow and ice everywhere we go.... and the other night i slipped pretty bad right in front of this couple on the street. my comp thought that was pretty funny. Then we were walking and I kinda like approached this couple and started..."Dzień dobry! Jesteśm-......" and almost slipped on my face. They kinda started to laugh but didnt feel bad enough for me to stop and hear my message.
But everything is going really well. Here in poland we tell people that we are here "to help others come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel" (our purose as missioanries) and when Polish people hear the word "gospel" they think of the Gospel of John or Mark or Matthew. So they are pretty confused. When really the Gospel is the 5 points. (faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and ETTE) So we started saying We are helping others unto Christ by helping them receive these restored truths. And they say well what are the restored truths.....So im like well let me tell ya...
ha but everything is going really well. We will be working with President on getting a transfer board figured out. Where missionaries need to be and with whom. Its a pretty amazing experiences. Besides that we continue to work with Piotr (Peter) this week. And Find those seeking the truth.
We've also figured out that there isnt really anything too crazy in missionary work. And we should always follow the feelings we have no matter what. We've felt prompted to go back to doors where they tell us they arent interested. And we've seen the fruits. The Lord has prepared his Children. We need to seek his spirit and find them.
Last thing. President related our calling to one of the disciples whom was with Christ.
what if..... you were in Jerusalem or The city of Corinth back then....And Peter or John was in your city...And after you passed away you realized that John or Peter was among you in that city......but he never invited you to come unto Christ....cause he was scared to be embarrassed or he was too would you feel? A man was given the calling to bring ALL MEN EVERYWHERE unto Christ......but he was too scared to extend an invitation....
As missionaries we have that same calling (full-time). As members in the church we have that same calling. Whether is be with our friends, in our homes with our families, or with strangers. Make sure you are acting on the promptings you are receiving. Someone has been prepared for you to invite them.
Love you all so much.
_Elder Fotu

Poland Warsaw Mission

This week was pretty crazy. We drove down to Katowice and did an exchange. It was pretty awesome. We found a lady that was really prepared for the gospel. She was divorced in the Catholic Church and now her children couldnt be baptized because of it. She wasnt very happy about that.
We went to Kraków after on wednesday. We picked up Elder and Sister Charles from the airport! And took them on a trip to the salt mines. Its pretty amazing the things people have done underground. The tour was about 2 hours. And we only saw 2% of the mines. There was a part with some salt that just looked like normal stones. But it was 95% salt. The other 5% changed the whole color. Elder Charles talked frequently about "Almost obedient, almost blessed" Some little things keep us from those huge blessings. The 5% in the salt kept it from being white.
There was also another part in the Salt Mines.... You turn this corner and there is just this huge beautiful chapel. With big chandeliers and paintings/ carving in the wall. It was pretty amazing. Ill try to get a picture. But we are standing there like in amazment and Elder Charles comes over to us and says in a very calm voice......"Elders I have decided.....the catholic church is true....." haha it was pretty hilarious.
But there was so much that I learned from them both. It was an amazing experience.
Sitting in the trainings and zone conference the spirit is very strong and we are inspired to do many things. But the real changes happens after. I have had some fears on my mission of being bold with people or missionaries in teaching moments. But I realized that a fear unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We can have as many fears as we long as we dont fall to those fears. Fears can be a blessing, just like opposition can be. As long as we exercise faith. Thats when the weaknesses and fears become strengths and part of our nature.

I can't really explain how much I love it out here. The relationships you create or eternal. The work is divine.
I love these people. I love the Lord, and Im working on fearing no man!
Love you all so much.
For all my friends who are home......."When I called you as a missionary I called you as one forever...two hands to the plow looking straight ahead." _Elder Holland
Stay thirsty for the gospel. Remember the number one priority in life is building God's kingdom. Whatever you are doing make sure that is the result in the end. Whether studying or working for a future family or reaching out to those who are lost.
Tons of love.
trzymaj się.
hold yourself.
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