Monday, February 23, 2015

-Family and Friends-

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing good. Mam nadzieję że wszystko w porządku u was wszystkich! Mam nadzieję że zima już się skończyła i macie piękną pogodę!!!
Well every is going sooo welll! We are right in the middle of transfers! So Im leave my apartment. Im going to be with Elder Allen! woot woot! He is supposed to be going home tomorrow but decided to extend for 30 days! President is sending us around to EVERY city in Poland to conduct exchanges and do some trainings! So I got to go to every city! Im so stoked to spend time with the missionaries! We have 10 different cities, 11 train rides, and all in 25 days. We are pretty stoked. Its gonna be crazy busy living out of a suitcase and traveling so much. But I couldnt be more stoked! Elder Kimball is coming to be AP with Elder Retallick! Im so stoked for them! Elder Kimball and I were set apart by President Bangerter! They are the most awesome missionaries!
So im pretty stoked for that! I get to go back to my old cities for one last time and see the members there. Im so excited.

Well this week was pretty awesome. I dont really feel like Im leaving my area. But Im excited to do the training and exchanges with the missionaries. Since being in Warsaw i've learned so much. My last transfer in Wrocław was pretty rough I think. I had probably never had such low confidence. I didnt really could be Assistant with being an example and leading everyone. But I learned so much. And Im so thankful. I remember getting into the first mission leadership council having no idea what to do and how I was going to do the training. But just having to rely on the Lord fully and teach by the spirit. Thats probably the biggest thing I've learned since being here is how the Lord speaks to me through His Spirit. It has built a lot of confidence and faith in the Savior.
Read Doctrine and Covenants 50:24
I hope we all have a time where we reflect on the light that we can receive from our Father in Heaven. Everyday.
I love you all. Thanks for everything. Keep killin it!
_Starszy Fotu

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