Monday, March 2, 2015


Hey Friends and Family!
It was one of the Best weeks of my mission! As some of you might of saw.....We had a baptism. It was the first person that I saw start from the beginning of meeting the message of Christ restored gospel. And Walking into the waters of baptism to make a covenant with God. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life.   It was beautiful.
I've seen the change that comes from the gospel many many times on my mission. In my life and in others. But it was awesome to be part of this.   He went from drinking daily to living the Word of Wisdom! And living according to all the commandments! Its been amazing!
Ill wrote more next week...
Elder Allen and I are traveling the next 20 somethin days. Giving training on how to Invite others unto Christ in thge phase of Teaching(in lessons) and Finding (on the streets and tracting) pg 196 in PMG. Its golden. This is when we are successful as missionaries when we extend the invitation. That is our resposibility. Invite others. And Expect the fruits of baptism and commitment keeping.
I love my mission.
The experience of baptizing was pretty amazing. But I wouldnt say I feel anymore successful than when I have recieved rejection on the streets while extending the invitations.
I love the mission! The work in Poland is hastening! I know there are prepared souls in every mission. If we truly believe that, then we will perform the work by the Lord's Spirit. He knows exactly where they are. Be lead.
I love you all. The basics are key throughout our whole life.. Im sorry for the short e-mail.

quick funny story. We were in church. and sister pogorzelska comes up to me and says.... "Elder Fotu are you busy after church...... And I said No...why? she said, cause Marysza wants to play with Elder Fotu......(Her little daughter that i've sent you guys pictures of) Marysza runs over to me right at that moment and starts talking to me. And Her mom (sis pogorzelska) says ok Marysza we have to go to primary. And picks her up. marysza just starts bawling and sayin I want to play with starszy fotu...."Chcę się bawić z starszym Fotuem!!!" haha it was the cutest. Here is a pic with them!

Love you guys!
Trzymaj się!

_Starszy Fotu

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