Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Right now I am with Elder Campora in Warsaw I! We are Zone Leaders.... haha i've never been one so its kinda new. But we are super excited about the work! Campora is such a boss! I love him. He has so much love for everyone around him! We are gonna killin it this transfer! We are waking up at 5:45 every morning and doing P90X! I can barley type this e-mail right now, my arms are dying.
The mission continues to explode! a little over a month ago we had 6 baptismal dates. There are now 27. Pretty exciting. The mission had around 45 in all of last year. So its really exciting to see the mission really connect to their purpose and be able to explain it easily and simply! 
Quick miracle! This past week the sister missionaries were on a tram. And this man approached them and asked what branch they were in. He asked if "Elder Fotu was in the same branch! And he would be in church on sunday!" So its emanuel! The man that was working in Utah for a little and from Nigeria. A member in park city picked him up on his way to work to give him a ride. And invited him to church! 
Emanuel came to soccer on saturday and then to church on sunday in a suit! He is such a stud. He told me about how he has been reading the Book of Mormon for a while now. (we lost contact a couple months ago cause some crazy things happened with him, getting hurt and sick and being in the hospital) He said he just loves the Book of Mormon and has been having some life changing dreams and believes they are from God. Sacrament meeting was really good. We had Fast and Testimony meeting. The members really testified of the missioanry work and the important of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think because of their strong testimony Emanuel asked me..."what are the requirements for baptism?" We sat down with him and set expectations promised blessings and set a date for April 25. Yes thats my last saturday in Poland. We are pretty excited.
Things are really exploding here. And im so stoked to kill it with Elder Campora!
I loved reading in the ensign about the difference between mistakes and sins. or sins and weaknesses. or forgiveness and grace. Polecam czyli.....I recommend it!
But I gotta go! I love you all! Keep killin it!
Prepare for this weekend! We receive from the Lord what we are prepared for. Im so stoked for conference! Loves
_Elder Fotu

-Shout out to Selu and Ty for their birthday! I love you guys!

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