Monday, March 9, 2015


We don't have much time! We have to catch a train at 17:00 to Łódź!
We are now in our 6th city! And in the best city, Wrocław! I love this place. It's pretty amazing to be back. But im leaving today;( I hope I will be able to come back for a little later....
Im gonna send pictures of our little tour around Poland.
Its been a really good experience for me to train the missionaries and build a better connection between us and our Purpose as the Lord's missionaries here in Poland. Its really humbled me and helped me become better! And we are practicing with thema and putting everything into action.....
Really quick we are teaching how to become better connected to our purpose of "inviting others to COME UNTO CHRIST by receiving RESTORED TRUTH." We are training on how to connect these two points as quickly as possible whether is be on the streets or tracting in our finding efforts. Or in teaching like sit down lessons with investigators and members! Doing these things by setting expectations and extending invitations.
In the training we do role plays with the missionaries, then in the middle of it we say ok.... Lets go role play on the street! Its alot of fun and its fun hitting the streets with tons of missionaries like a huge force and just talking to every person we pass. Its been really affective. Yesterday my companion Elder Allen was on exchange with another missionary. They were in a sit down lesson and did the same exact thing as we did in the role play with setting expectations of Baptism and how if they listen to our message then they will want to make a covenant with God by Following Christ and being baptized! They set a lesson with this kid named Jakub before they even taught him the first lesson! Pretty awesome. Now Jakub knows what to expect and we arent hiding this baptismal invitation anymore. The number one way for others (non members) to come unto Christ is to have faith, desire to change and repent, and make a covenant with him by baptism.
Every time we hit the streets with each companionship and district we have found new investigators in every city so far. There is 26 progressing investigators in the mission (which is more than usual) and the baptismal list is full. Its pretty amazing when we return to the basics of connecting to our purpose the Lord hastens his work!
Real quick a good experience... Last night the Elders in Szczecin called me. They visited a former investigator named Bartek that Elder Vernon and I found over a year ago. When Elder Vernon and I met with him back then he wasnt very interested in changing his life and finding out if God really existed. The Elders there now called him and set up with him. When they walked in Bartek said, "You know when Elders Vernon and Fotu were here over a year ago I wasnt very interested. But now I need it. I need to know if God is real cause its too hard in life to live without it." They had an amazing lesson with him and he is moving forward. We are going to be in Szczecin this week. So we are pretty excited!
Everything is going so well. Thank you for your support and all you do! I love you guys!
Keep killin it!
_Starszy Fotu

1) missionaries in wrocław
2)missioanries in Kato
3) missionary in Kielce

1) my norwegian baby Elder Weggi
1) my brown man from Austria Elder Garcia (he is filipino)
3)whiteboard in a blizzard with big snowflake in front

1)missionaries in Lublin
2) Member (Daniel) from Katowice
3) Robert Dedyński from Wrocław

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