Thursday, March 26, 2015

Im a little lost.... But stoked!

So sorry this email is so late. I wasnt able to email today for longer than 15 mins. So its about 9:00 at night right now. Im sitting in the mission home. Sister edgren is letting me send a email home real quick. We just had a little farewell for my comp elder allen, who is heading to california tomorrow! He extendd 30 days for us to travel around. It was so amazing. The miracles that we saw as the Lord continues to hasten his work here in poland! 
For me..... I have no idea what im gonna be doing for the next couple weeks. President has been thinkin about it. Weve talked about some ideas but nothing super concrete. He just drove the other elders home so i think when he gets home we will talk about itand decided. But im super excited wherever i go! 
It has been really amazing for me to learn from the 15 different missionaries i was able to do exchanges with over the past. Its been so fun and uplifting. I feel like im so much more connected to my purpose of helping others come unto Christ by receiving restored truth! The restored gospel! That is truely the greatest thing on the mission. The purpose that we have. Its so amazing. And i get really sad and choked up when i think about the day when i wake up and i cant walk out the door and constantly start preaching the truth and inviting others. Its a little harder to keep those thoughts out about home but i feel like im doing a decent job of keeping them out. 
I think we just need to always remember our purpose in life. Its all the same. The mission is just a little more intense. And im so grateful for the basic habits ive learned on my mission to keep that purpose in my life.

Continue to invite others to come unto Christ. Thats my thought for this week. Invite all. We all have that responsibility. Whether it be our sibilings, friends, family, stranger...anyone. Fear is the only thing that stands between us. Fear God instead of Man. Love God and all men.

I love you all. I love these people. Ill serve them and God til the end! 
Elder Fotu

Shout to my brother Garrett that i havent seen in ages! Have the best birthday yet! Ofa lahi atu!

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