Monday, April 13, 2015

Claim Your Blessings

Im not really sure where to start! I am now in the city of Szczecin, Poland. President called me on sunday morning and told me that an Elder got really sick. (Elder Quackenbush;) he is such a stud!) And he was in the hospital in Warsaw. So im not in Szczecin with Elder Berlin! The biggest stud ever. Its a little weird being back here in Szczecin. Its like I never left. I love this place. I've never seen the branch members so happy. Alot is going on in this city. It is now back to 2 sets of Elders. My favorite senior couple just went home (Elder and Sister Gay) It was a year and a half ago I brought them into Szczecin. They are some of the most amazing people I've met on my mission. Wanna hear somethin awesome.... They had 12 kids....They were able to go home during their mission for a week for their youngest childs wedding. They were able to be in the Celestial Room with all of their kids and their spouses. Thats pretty amazing. Rightous living! They have so much charity for all around them.
But yeah so some crazy changes happening. I was just gettin comfortable with Elder Campora in Warsaw. But im lovin it with Elder Berlin here.
So we had General Conference. It was pretty amazing. Saturday night I walked into the one and only chapel (building) in Poland. Its a really special place for me. And as I sat down I was just overwhelmed with love and joy for these people and this country. Im not sure I will get many chances in my life to love a country and group of people like this one on my mission. I watched all of the conference in polish, so now I am listening to it in English.
I loved Elder Holland's obviously. The way he described the Fall, and the purpose of life was so amazing to me. He has so much fire behind things and love. Also Elder Pearson's talk was pretty amazing. The line that I loved...." Casual obedience and lukewarm commitment weaken faith." Nothing but the best. Thats all the Lord suspects. Im so grateful that my mission is helping me build simple daily habits to show my comitment and love to my Father in Heaven.
Im gonna love studying conference this week. And then setting goals where I need to. The Spirit of missionary work is so amazing. It cant really be described clearly, everyone just needs to experience it.
Just gotta keep grinding it out! We got a couple really good things going on in this city. After Elder Allen and I finished doing our little training tour thing around Poland, these two groups of Elders found over 10 baptismal dates. They just caught the vision so well and applied the things.
Well I love you all! I've had a good birthday so far;) I love my birthday cause we can always listen and hear what the Lord has for us through conference! Im so grateful for all the support back at home. Thank you all for everything!
trzymajcie się! ofa lahi atu! z miłośćą
_Starszy Fotu

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