Monday, April 20, 2015

Opposition can be a blessing

For the last time.....Time flies. Thats kinda all I have to say.
This week was amazing. My companion is the greatest. Elder Berlin just keeps my on my toes all day and I love it. He has so much faith. He just got in the contry 6 months ago, I still remember picking him up from the airport, and on sunday he was made the branch president here in Szczecin. He just has so much love, faith, and hardwork. He is gonna be awesome.
Alot happened. We had a baptism on friday. These two twins. Born in Florida, and moved to Poland a little while ago. They are hilarious. Only 14 years old but so smart and spiritual already. They are so fired up about spreading the gospel and building the church. Nicholaus, the boy, bore his testimony and it was really powerful. He got emotional as he talked about when he started meeting with the missionaries, he figured out how God speaks to him. And now he knows that he and his sister are supposed to be here. They are such studs! I love em!

Before the baptism we had breakfast with President and Sister Edgren at their Hotel. President gave us all interviews. President actually gave me a temple recommend interview. Those questions get me everytime, especially the first three questions. My eyes swelled up, and it just felt so good to answer those as a missionary. And I think im just so excited to get back to the temple. Its really weird to me that I can say, next week im going to the temple. It's been so long.

I don't feel like there is much to say cause I can talk to you all next week. I feel like this phrase is really said over and over again. But I really do love my mission. I love this country, the people, and my Heavenly Father.

The main opposition I would say for missionaries in Poland is probably loving the people.The people just have this little hard shell on the outside where they arent really willing to let anyone in easily. Its definately possible though. But that opposition has been the greatest blessing and trial i've experienced so far in my life. I have more charity to gain but I have the biggest love in my heart for these people, this country, the restored gospel, and my Heavenly Father, because of that opposition.

Here are a couple pictures. With the branch here in Szczecin. This saturday I have a train to warsaw an im gonna be in the Warsaw I branch this sunday.
Its gonna be really sad to say by to these people. But im excited to see you all! I hope we all can figure out how to change ourselves and come unto our Savior, as well as bringing our brothers and sister along with us.

z miłośćą

_Starszy Fotu

pic with the Branch here in Szczecin

pic with the Twins (Alex and Nick)

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