Monday, April 13, 2015

So many blessings!

Well I stayed in a city for a whole week. Here in Szczecin it is pretty amazing. I love it. I think most of it is because my awesome companion. Elder Berlin is such a boss. I love it, so much love, commitment, and hard work. Exciting things are happening. We are working with a guy name Mariusz. He is pretty amazing and really wanting to find truth and follow Christ in his life. We also are like befriending a group of religous kids form another church. We like went to their little like YSA activity. It was pretty awesome to see such searching and believing kids. Pretty much we might set up a some things with them, and we will see how open they are to recieving the restored gospel!
Everything is just going really well. This week was alot easier to stay focused on the work and area cause we are just focused on the area and branch and what not. There were 16 in church. Which was awesome. The branch president is a missionary. But we are excited cause the YSA really has potential to explode here.
This saturday the other elders in the city have a baptism. For two twins that are polish but grew up in america. They are awesome and just really smart 14 year olds. The next week they also have an awesome kid named Janek set up to be baptized. It been pretty amazing. We played soccer with some people that we are teaching the other day. And my body is super soar from that. My excersizing schedule got thrown off a little, and my companions ELDERBERLIN90x is a little too hard for me. But we are running around and everything. Today for P-day we are just running to everywhere. The store, library, park, chapel. The weather is getting really nice! Its awesome.
I just got a talk from my friend, And it helped me realize that I could have been doing something a little differently for a while. But I cant really remember who its by. But its about making decisions. And when we make a decision God is giving us that opportunity to make a choice. We need to pray and seek for guidance and ponder the thought out in our mind, make a decision, and then ask the Lord if it be right. Instead I think too often I had been praying for guidance, pondering, and wait for Heavenly Father to give me the prompting to do what is right. Instead of making the decision, and acting on it til I later feel his confirmation.
Im so grateful for my mission. Its not really possible to put into words of how I feel about it. Its been amazing to build a love in my heart for many different things, and I would say the most important things. People, the scriptures, family, friends, the gospel, and most important our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I've built so much love and built my knowledge of them of who they are and what they have done for me, what they do for me, and what they have promised for me as I continue to do my best.
Its been amazing to see the hand of the Lord here in the missionary field. But also at home in teh lives of my family and friends. I've seen so many lives changed for the better since I left, all of my sibilings have been touched with the goodness of the Gospel, my little brothers are strong men in the priesthood and preparing to be the best missionaries. Im sure in you are reading this you have grown closer to your Savior over the past four years. If not I invite you to do so. 
Next week is my last week to e-mail. I think. But I love you all so much. Thanks for the support. I dont think I would have gotten this far without the support from home.

Trzymajcie się! Kocham was!
_Starszy Fotu

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