Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jak się macie?

Cześć Wam!
Tęsknię za wami bardzo. Ale jeszcze skupię się na swojej misji. Kocham ten kraj, kocham tych ludzi;)
Well this week was pretty amazing. First off we had some awesome zone trainings. The Zone leaders and sister training leaders are pretty amazing here. They've really stepped it up and being examples for all the missionaries and training well.
So here's a story for ya'll.......
We were at a Zone Training in Warsaw and at the end a Sister got a random text saying....."hey i was in church a while ago. Im not a member but im really interested in meeting with the missionaries again...." So that by its self was a miracle....
After Zone training we were on the streets talking with people and just really were pondering on what we could do to find those prepared. (finding ideas) We contact alot....we tract apartment buildings alot... the best tool to find and in all missionary work is the Spirit. So we were pondering and ran into a man that told us to wait outside his apartment building cause he'd be right back to talk with us about our message. As we waited we continued to talk and ponder ideas and we were just really feeling the spirit and felt like we were close to thinking of a good idea. As we waited this old grandma came up to us and just started going off about how crazy the world is and how people dont have jobs and just went off (who knows why). hahaha it was kinda funny. But as she kept going off I kinda sat and thought for a moment why is this happening right now when we are trying to seek the Lord's help. So I actually decided to listen to what she was saying.... And I cant even remember what she said but it made me think of school and college....And eventually led us to think of going to the universities in Warsaw and seeing if we could do like a presentation for classes that were studying religion. We talked about it and it was "first a thought that pressed upon our feelings." We got excited and planned out some ideas. The next couple days we went to a couple universities to find out if we could do so, the universities were either on break right now or too late to talk to the right people. And we would have to come back in a couple weeks. Our energy died down a little about it, but we were still excited to go back cause we felt it was inspired.
On Friday the Sister missionary that received the miracle text after the zone training called me and said she had met with the girl that was interested. She said the girl was awesome and really interested in changing her life with Christ. She also said the girl is studying at the University of Warsaw and has a class that studies religion....They dont have much information on "mormons" so they were wondering if a couple missionaries could come do a presentation.......haha yessssssss..... Pretty amazing. So we are going to the university on the 19th of February... and sooo stoked about it! The sisters wanted us to prepare it cause they have only been in the country for a couple months so dont speak the language as well as my comp Elder Retallick. (he's a beast) But the sisters that called us are so sick they speak polish so good and just are killin it.
Well thats my miracle story. Wait another one......

Well people changing... thats what we are doing. We are pretty bold with people on the streets. But its ok cause you can be as bold as you want as long as you go off the spirit and most importantly your motive behind it. I can seriously feel a love inside for these people. I dont wanna leave ever. So ya'll may never see my again;)
But early in the e-mail I mention how the spirit worked with me..... I really studied and pondered how the Lord speaks to me. Its probably one of the hardest things to figure out as his children. But In the D&C 8:2-3/128:1
really good scriptures for receiving revelation. Also true to the faith topic:revelation.
But for me.... I have to be prepared. I usually have to be pondering. And the Lord will put a thought into my head....I ponder that and it will eventually "impress upon my heart." It was a huge testimony builder for me that our heart follows our mind. So learn to control your thoughts and then your heart will be there also. If you dont like a commandment or you dont enjoy doing the Lord's will, "pretend" and show your faith that you do in your thoughts. And through the atonement of Christ your heart will change.
Im done preaching. I love you all.
z miłośćą
_Starszy Fotu

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