Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Well I guess thats another month.....February is here. Everytime I hit a first day of a new month it just kind of blows my mind. So now i've been out for 21 months. When you get close to the end you have more and more thoughts come to your mind of home and the people you will see in a just a couple months. But I feel like im doing pretty good in keeping those out and staying busy. No time for that stuff.
This week was pretty amazing.
We did some follow up trainings this week. Tuesday night we stayed at the mission home. And Wednesday morning we woke up to drive to Bydgoszcz. As some of you saw President worked us in P90x. haha He's a beast. It was fun. Till after. It took my legs a couple days to recoop. After the work out my comp had some of the smoothie and President made for us. And he accidently forgot the protein powder had milk in it. My comp has a light allergy. So that wasnt good. President felt sooo bad. So we took him in and President and I continued to Bydgoszcz to do the training. It was actually pretty awesome to talk with him for so long about alot of things and just get his wisdom and stories.
The trainings went really well. So we are pretty excited!
What else happened.......
I love slidding on the snow and ice everywhere we go.... and the other night i slipped pretty bad right in front of this couple on the street. my comp thought that was pretty funny. Then we were walking and I kinda like approached this couple and started..."Dzień dobry! Jesteśm-......" and almost slipped on my face. They kinda started to laugh but didnt feel bad enough for me to stop and hear my message.
But everything is going really well. Here in poland we tell people that we are here "to help others come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel" (our purose as missioanries) and when Polish people hear the word "gospel" they think of the Gospel of John or Mark or Matthew. So they are pretty confused. When really the Gospel is the 5 points. (faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and ETTE) So we started saying We are helping others unto Christ by helping them receive these restored truths. And they say well what are the restored truths.....So im like well let me tell ya...
ha but everything is going really well. We will be working with President on getting a transfer board figured out. Where missionaries need to be and with whom. Its a pretty amazing experiences. Besides that we continue to work with Piotr (Peter) this week. And Find those seeking the truth.
We've also figured out that there isnt really anything too crazy in missionary work. And we should always follow the feelings we have no matter what. We've felt prompted to go back to doors where they tell us they arent interested. And we've seen the fruits. The Lord has prepared his Children. We need to seek his spirit and find them.
Last thing. President related our calling to one of the disciples whom was with Christ.
what if..... you were in Jerusalem or The city of Corinth back then....And Peter or John was in your city...And after you passed away you realized that John or Peter was among you in that city......but he never invited you to come unto Christ....cause he was scared to be embarrassed or he was too tired....how would you feel? A man was given the calling to bring ALL MEN EVERYWHERE unto Christ......but he was too scared to extend an invitation....
As missionaries we have that same calling (full-time). As members in the church we have that same calling. Whether is be with our friends, in our homes with our families, or with strangers. Make sure you are acting on the promptings you are receiving. Someone has been prepared for you to invite them.
Love you all so much.
_Elder Fotu

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