Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whatssss Happennnninnn!!!!


So this week has been so awesome! hahah well actually just the past couple of days. Cause this week we got flaked by 7 out of 9 meetings we had set up;( Really disappointing! But still a good week! We had a really good meeting with Łukasz! He is a younger guy and meets with us to Learn English and learn more bout the Church. But with him it was been kinda frustrating cause he doesnt have any desire to Read the Book of Mormon, or Pray. Which is what you have to do!!! hahah but he believes that he just needs to be a good person in this life and Serve others! Which is really good! But he needs this gospel. In our Lesson we read with him the talk by Elder D. Todd Christofferson! Such a good talk. And talking about boys need to be come men! Łukasz agreed with everything in the talk and really liked it. And said "this guy seems to be really smart...." 
hahah he is actually really funny. And the spirit was really strong in the meeting! and I testified to him that he really did need this gospel in his life! And that God needed men like him to hold the Power of God!!! (the priesthood) And we needed his help in the work that we were doing. I think it got him fired up a little. And he committed to reading the Book of Mormon even if it was just a little everyday!! So exciting. 
The Book of Mormon is more important than we think. I know that it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to read the Book of Mormon with a open heart, without seeing and feeling the Words of Christ! I love it sooo much! I read it EVERY! President Nielson told us when coming into the mission before he left. He committed us to read from the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY. Im going to do so and I challenge you all to do so!
So yesterday was transfer calls!!! And I'm going to a city called SZCZECIN! I'm sooo stoked!!! it a 7 hour train ride away! But my new companions name is Starszy Mikałyski! I've heard he is awesome! and it is his last transfer before going home! So im sure he is just wanna go HARD the whole time!! Which is what I wanna do! Im stoked! except not too exciting for the whole train ride by myself. And I dont speak polish! haha its all good though!
I'm not sure about my Address yet. I'll let you know though!
If you keep sending stuff to that first address it is just the Mission Office. So i will get it eventually. It will just talk longer! But I will let you know next week! So yeah on Thursday I head out to Szczecin!
Thank you so much for the Prayers! I can feel them everyday! The Lord is really working Miracles ALL OVER THE WORLD in HIS work! And its sooo exciting! Please keep my updated! Thank you selu and Garrett for your e-mails! Imma print them off and read them again! But sorry I dont have time to reply to them!
Oh and Selu told me who the new Bishop was. Bishop Hunt!!!! I am not surprised at all. I loved Bishop Pimantel! But I love Bishop Hunt. He was such an example to me all throughtout since we have lived there. I can tell his love for the youth and everyone that he was around is so strong. He truely is a Charitable guy. Which is sooo important. I saw him in the MTC and he just gave me the BIGGEST hug! and was so excited to see me! and we both kinda started to tear up a little i think. haha at least i did.
But thats very exciting. Im sure he will be awesome!
Tell him Hi for me!
Thanks for everything you guys! 
I will send some pics! I love you all so much! Everyone remember what really matters in life! Put your treasures in Heaven! Cause your hearts are where you treasures are! Love you all! Im workin my butt off! loves.

                                     -Starszy Fotu

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