Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey there Family!!!! Sounds like a super exciting week! Garrett coming home definitely probably awesome! Maybe not for him. hahah I bet he misses the work. But were the kids super excited? How did you guys surprise them?!?! 
But man! The thing I miss most is definitely family! I miss all my siblings! There is a family in our ward that is actually from America! But both Return Missionaries from Poland. Got married and moved back here. But they have these little kids and a little boy named Isaac that is my little bud! But the funniest thing is when they talk! Cause they know Polish and English! It's not fair cause I can't even speak polish! But they just switch back and fourth in it all the time. And they are adorable! I wanna hear from Garrett and how he is doing!
Sounds like the boy in Football are doing good! Keep me updated every week!! I love hearing about them! I love the pictures too! Thanks so much!
So this week in Poland was sooo AWESOME! First off we had Zone Conference! So there was like 25 missionaries at the Chapel and we just had like a fireside and what not. We had Cafe Rio which was sooo good. (Home made cafe rio) But the best part was the spirit that was there!
President Edgren who is soo amazing talked to us. He changed some rules up since he has been here. We can listen to music now! And he said that we can change the missionary schedule up. Moving everything around! This is awesome cause now we can go contact in the morning when all of the Dad's are going to work and what not! It's sooo awesome! And he told us that we need to get creative in the way we do things! So we are thinkin of some new idea of contacting! If you all can think of any that'd be awesome! Just let me know!
But this week we actually taught 7 lessons!!! haha which is the most I've taught in a week since I've been hear. That's actually probably the same I had taught before this week total. But it was so awesome. Cause people were actually scheduling some meetings with us and following through with them! Now we just gotta get them to church! So pray for my investigators please! Also, in Zone Conference we talked about having Faith. I can testify that with Faith, Anything is possible!!! I can promise anyone that. That Faith includes action also! You have to be acting on that faith! This work is going to start growing and im so excited for it!
At the end of Zone Conference we have like a Testimony Meeting. And I bore mine. 
Something I've been studying was how to become the best missionary that I can be. I thought of Christ. He was the best example of missionary that we can become. and in Bible. In John it talks about his atonement. And I just couldn't imagine what the Savior went through that night. No one can. And I ask everyone "Why did he do that for us?" Because he loves us. The Savior and our Heavenly Father have a perfect love for us. They have Charity. The pure love of Christ. If any missionary can figure out how to have Charity in their life then they will be the missionary that Heavenly Father wants them to be! If they follow the most important and first commandment that Heavenly Father gives us "Love thy God with all thine heart. And love thy neighbor with all thine heart" If you TRUELY love these people then you will do absolutely anything within your ability to help them! You with be exactly obedient to every rule! You will study for THEIR benefits! You will Become better at the language for them to understand better! You will pray with ALL your Heart! If you truly love these people and want to help them then you will build up all the faith that is possible in order to help them! 
I love this work sooo much! I've never been so close to my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I promise you that they live today! That we can always have a way back to them as we make the mistakes in this life. And that is because of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. That's because our LOVING Heavenly Father has given us a way to return to him. They both have a perfect love for us! And we can be happy in this life if we stay close to them! I encourage you all to do ALL you can do to stay close to Heavenly Father. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!!
The Lord always comes first. I love you all so much. And we all need to return and live with each other forever! 
"NO EMPTY CHAIRS" I pray for you all every night. 
Love you all! I love the Polish people. My Love grows for them everyday! They're are so awesome and I can't wait to continue to find others to help to our Heavenly Father!
Love you all! Write me! 
                                      -Starszy Fotu 

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