Monday, August 12, 2013


Dzień Dobry Family!

This week just flew by! As every week does! The work is comin along some what. Actually, this week was pretty bad. We really didn't have much success number wise. But it's ok cause we are just gonna keep working harder. Alot of Poles are out of town and on Vacation. But that's ok! There was a big rain storm one of the nights right when we got into our apartments at 9 it just started pouring! it was crazy! But I loved it. The lightning was sweet. 
But last Tuesday we actually talked to a family, Which is like what we really look for here, We really wanna help a family! But the family seemed somewhat interested. I just hope they call us sometime! I'm prayin for it! But I know the work is going to really pick up here in Poland! I can just feel it. Our Mission President, President Edgren! Who is just amazing! Actually just got back from England from like a Europe-Asia Conference. And all the mission Presidents there were taught my Elder Nelson, Elder Ballard, and Elder Holland. Man that's so amazing to me. If I could meet anyone in the quorum of the 12 that would be so amazing.

Something that I've learned about this week was FAITH! If anyone knows bout faith or wants to know about Faith read Alma 32. I love that chapter so much! I just love the scriptures so much. I honestly just cant wait every morning to just start reading the scriptures. They just make me feel so happy.

But more on Faith. It talks about "planting that seed of faith". And "nourishing it". Faith can be really hard. Because at times when you are trying to be faithful if feels like you are not moving anywhere, and it feels like you are just staying in the same spot. This can be really discouraging. But remember what the savior said to his disciples, "FEAR NOT". We should have nothing to fear, But we should rejoice! Our Savior has overcame the world and through his atonement we can be saved! When you plant that seed of faith you need to nourish it with all your might! You need to do everything you can to make it grow! And When you do so Heavenly Father will bless you! I Promise he will! Because he loves you. As you do so, your faith with burst into a tree! and you will have fruits like no other! This is how we can be happy in life which is what everyone wants! Do the simple things! Go to the Temple, Go to Church, Pray, SERVE OTHERS, read your scriptures. This is how we get TRUE Happiness!

Something I noticed this week was your prayers from home! I'm so thankful for you ALL! really though. Thank you so much! 

The language is slowly coming and I'm workin on it! It's super hard! But with the Lord anything is possible! Love you all!

The kids sound like they're all doing good! I miss them all so much! Definitely the thing you miss the most on the mission is Family and Friends! I miss little baby Emma;( Excited to watch her grow! Send me pictures! I've gained a little weight! not much though. I exercise somewhat. more on P-Days! 

But I love you all! really though! Im workin hard for you guys, and for the Savior, and THE PEOPLE OF POLAND! They need to have this gospel! Have a good week! Use Dear Elder! 
Loves. Do Widzenia! Ofa'Atu!

                            -Starszy Fotu

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