Monday, August 19, 2013

ohhhh heyyyy!

How is everyone doing today! 

So hopefully I don't ruin any surprise but Garrett comes home today!!!! So sweet! hahah I can't even like imagine what coming home would be like. But I bet he is excited to be home and KEEP BEING A MISSIONARY!!! just not full-time. Thats something that I always think about is still being a missionary when we get home, And to always strive to build our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Everyday Strive to be a better person than you were yesterday!!!!

This week has been pretty good! We really haven't had much success which is always hard. But I think im doing good at keeping the attitude up! I'm working hard! Given it my best, its hard to do alot when I don't know the language. But I try to do what I can!

But I know that the Lord will bless me with someone soon. I just want to help SOMEONE!!! so bad! ANYONE!!! I just want to enlighten someones life so bad! And its hard cause there are sooo many people here in Poland that need that. They need to enter into the waters of Baptism that gets us all on the Path of Righteousness. Where we can make covenants and continue to Endure to the End! ok enough preaching now. haha sorry.

But I forgot to mention in last weeks e-mail that we did like a Luau for the Warsaw 2 district. Which is the only other one in Warsaw. I'm in Warsaw 1. But Me and 5 other Elders did a Haka/Slap Dance/White boiiii dance. hahaha it was soooo embarrassing slash soooo funnny. I have the video but I'm not sure it will send through e-mail. I will try next week. But yeah it was so funny, cause Poles have like no idea what the haka is. But it was really fun and the Branch really bonded together!

But yeah this week has been really good. We did teach one lesson, to a man named George. He lives here and in Texas. But he just kinda wanted to know more but wasnt really willing to commit to anything or change anything in his life. And he didn't really have time. haha he said we could meet next April. hahaha? like what. 
But the thing was he was the nicest like old guy. And he is so close to letting us in but his heart is just a little too soft. I feel like that is with most people here. Or at least the nice ones that let us talk to them. But I know as we work and keep workin! And rely on the Lord that he will bless us! 

This week my love for the Book of Mormon has grown. I started the Book of Mormon over and am almost done with Alma already. But after reading it yesterday I just had the best feeling inside. And a strong feeling that the Book was from God. I just sat there on my knees holding that Book. I love it so much. We can grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through that book. I love it sooo much! But Yeah I just love the Book of Mormon so much! And we should all be reading in it everyday!
Thats somethin Mom and Dad were really good at was having us read the Book of Mormon as a family. I'm so thankful for that.

I also wanna give a shout out to Jared! Happy Late Birthday!!!! Jared is such a stud. Yes, Jared is a STUD with the ladies;) And he is a STUD on the FOOTBALL FIELD! I loved watching his games as he just hammered kids and ran over them! But something that little Jared has is a TESTIMONY! And he is such an example to me cause Jared bore his testimony every Fast Sunday in Church! Short and simple testimony. It only took him two mins to bare his testimony. Because Jared has decided to take 2 MINS! out of his month, every month! He is going to be an awesome missionary with an awesome testimony! That is something that ALL missionaries need! Is a testimony "you must attain my word". Jared you are such a stud! Keep choosing the right and taking care of your little brothers and sisters! Love you.

So mom you should probably send me a list of all the Birthdays cause I will forget a lot if you don't!
But I love you all! keep working hard in sports and everything! But keep working hard in stay close to the Lord. If you are not progressing in becoming converted to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Then you are moving backwards! You have to be moving forwards and growing closer to them or else you are moving further and further away! I promise as you do so you will all be happier, and you will feel Their love for us!
Love you all! Keep up the good work! Keep prayin for me! I can feel your prayers. Really though. The Power of Prayer is really. I wont go off on that though. I hope I'm not sounding like a preacher. I just love this gospel so much! Pray for my language skills. haha sooo hard. But I love you all! Have a good week!

                                    -Starszy Fotu

**so the ties are just some new cool ties that i got. So there is this store here called Adams. This guy owns that is an investigator. And he just hooks up the missionaries. haha nice cool little gig we got. But I wen tto his store. He has any tie you could ever think of. Imma send you guys some.
Then just some kinda cool pics of the sun! Loves!

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