Monday, August 5, 2013

Poland 4 Dayzzzz

Whats up ya'll! I want a e-mail next sunday! Sounds like all the kids got a lot going on! So let me know how they do in all their Sports! Keep workin hard and doing the right thing!

So this week was a pretty good week! Had a lot of fun! I wen ton a Transfer with Elder Harris, he is from Riverton. Cool kid! But we taught a lesson with him. I could kinda tell what was going on in the Lesson. The Language skills are coming along! I made a goal that I try to talk to a Pole every time I get on a bus. Which is like 8 times a day. But I usually just ask if they speak English and if they can tell me a sentence that i could learn in polish. But keep prayin for me! I know you all have been. I'm so thankful for the prayers too. I can feel like everyday. I wouldnt be where I am without them! 

So somethin I was learned about this week or that I've been studying for personal study was how we talk to others, and just in general what we say throughout our day!
Our Words should always be uplifting to others! And if correction is need when someone does somethin wrong, it should be in a loving way! Something that I thought of when I was studying was of Dad! And I remember that every morning he would drive us to school, we would usually say prayer in the car. Maybe read some scriptures if we havent yet. But right as we were getting out of the car Dad would ALWAYS say "YOU"RE A WINNER JAKE!" 
hmmmm..... "These words bring tears to my eyes right now"
But I look back on that now and I love it. I love having parents to encourage us to do things. I will always remember the words that my parents have encouraged all 30 kids with.
I'm so thankful for that, as well for others that have given me so much words of wisdom in my life!
We should always be nice to EVERYONE! Giving them words of encouragement and loving words! I can't wait to have a family and do so.

We need to be careful with what we say also! Because some words we say can be offensive or hurtful! And they can be remembered just as well! So everyone speak as if Christ would. I know you all do so anyways.:)

K so cool story!
Last night we were talkin to a group of kids and two like 25 year old guys walked by. I could tell by what they were wearing that they were golfers. Nobody golfs in Poland cause no one has the money. After we finished talking to the kids they golfers walked by again, i asked them if they play golf? (In polish actually) and they said they did. I said "Ja, tez!" Which means "Me too!" They kinda left and just kept walking. But I noticed one of them ran into a bank and the other waited in the car. haha I decided I needed to keep trying to talk to these guys. I walked up to the guy in the car and asked where the nearest golf course was? He could tell that I didnt speak good polish so started talking in English. 

He told me they were both Professional Golfers. haha which is sweet. I told them I had played since I was little. They said they didnt have time, but gave me their card, said that if I ever wanted to play to give them a call! haha so maybe next P-day I'll be golfin. haha which would be sweet! And I'll share the gospel with them! Kinda excited for the oppurtunity. 

Also after that right before we were bout to get home to our appartment, a group of 4 girls walked passed us and asked, what we were. 

We tried sharing a message with them, but they were insane. They really like us I guess. Asked if we would come drink with them. hahahaha They were crazy. Just like any other poles here. They were super surprised that we had never in our life drank. 

We left them and walked home. Found out that they live 2 floors below us. So now we definitely make sure we lock our doors at all times!

But hey im gonna run! I love you all! Keep doing what is right! I pray for y ou all every night! Send me letters and yeah. 

                                          -Starszy Fotu

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