Monday, July 29, 2013

Cześć Rodziny!

Hows everything going back home! Everything here is Poland is pretty crazy I guess. haha People are still crazy as always. But i'm definitely gettin the hang of it! 

This week we really didn't have much success at all. We gave out 7 Books of Mormon. which isn't many haha. But there is a Sister companionship in our mission that taught 19 lessons this past week! that's insane for Poland. hahaha I think most that has ever been taught in a week. We've only had like 3 lessons since i've been in Poland! So not much success but that's ok! 

I've had A LOT of success personally! Because success is measured on how hard you try and are committed to bring others unto Christ! And I'm trying my best! I promise ya that! 
A way im tryin hard is just by trying to talk to people! haha I actually gave out my first Book of Mormon on last Tuesday! (all by myself) haha Pretty sure the grandpa had no idea what I was saying but I asked if he would like one (in my broken Polish) haha and he said "oczywiscie" with a smile. (which means of course!) haha it was kinda funny. But I just felt super happy inside as he slipped it into his little bag. 

And what was really awesome that about 10 mins later I gave another one to a lady! And she wanted me to sign it. I guess alot of people here like Americans to sign their Books of Mormon. haha Polish people like to talk to Americans cause they think that its cool we are from the States I guess. Which isnt good and sometimes good! Cause it can spark a conversation that we gotta lead to the Gospel! But sometimes all they wanna talk about is the United States. But they Lady  said she would read it!

So pretty much what ive been doing all week is just PRAYING! like crazy. Im so thankful we have a way to communicate with our Heavenly Father! Everyone just remember that as long as you are doing your best to do good, and you are on the way that your Heavenly Father wants to you to go then you should feel absolutely safe. When the arms of the Savior and our Heavenly Father are wrapped around you then there is no saffier (safer?) place that you could be! Always remember that. With the Lord and the Savior on your side then everything will be ok! President Holland said something along these lines, "that a commandment from Jesus in the Bible says to remember that we are at peace when we are with the Savior, and we should always remember that, and that it is one of the commandments that is mostly forgotten. REMEMBER YOU ARE SAFE WITH THE SAVIOR!" 
Through the Savior's Atonement we can have burdens lifted and peace in our Hearts! 

Every Morning we have Personal Study, Companion Study, and Language Study! I love Personal Study the most because of how good I feel while reading the Scriptures, and the words of our Prophets and Apostles! I feel so good inside!

Let me know how everyone is doing! Remember to Read your scriptures, share your testimony, PRAY, and GO TO THE TEMPLE! I wish I could go to the temple so bad. That's one of the things I miss the most. Besides my family and friends.
And American Food.
hahahaha the food here is ok. But I just miss anything that is american. The best food here is Kebab. its actually a Turkish food. But we go to this place called Amrit. mmmm sooo goood. I should probably take it easy on those though.

Please keep praying for me! I can feel your prayers with me everyday! My understanding of the language has built soooo much this past week. I know that is cause of all your prayers. So thank you sooo much! 
Love you all!

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