Monday, July 8, 2013


How's it going back home!?!? So Who all went to California? I loved the pictures! Holy smokes Tyler and Emma Look bigger already! It's crazy! They look so different! I hope California was wayyy fun! Looked really fun. I
m sure Lizzy and Sara are so sick of the little ones after that longggg drive!

The weather here is pretty hot! It's usually like high 70's or low 80's. And we walk and ride the bus and trains everywhere! So I sweat so lots. haha So ive lost a couple pounds since being here!  The food is actually pretty dang good! The Milk here is really weird. I bought some milk like acting like i know what i was doing in the store. The milk tasted sooo bad. It was like super sour. I guess i got a weird one. But all the milk here is weird. They still have McD's and KFC and pizza and zstuff here! But we go to this place called Amrit Kebab alot. And these things called Kebab are wayyyyzzzz good. like a tortilla with lamb or chicken meat in it. And yeah dont know how to explain it but their good. They're actually a turkish food but all over Poland.
Pretty excited for Garrett to go to BYU! he better work hard! hahah I saw that picture of him holding Taylor and Joe's Weddings. hahah so funny. 

This week has been way good! we are basically in the process of finding more people to teach and trying to get all the members involved! Its hard cause we dont have many but members dont realize how big of a roll they have in missionary work sometimes. But i've heard a couple stories of people bringing others to church! That is soooo awesome! Holy smokes! The work is growing like crazy!

haha I had my first actually like lesson. Obviously I have no idea what was going on. But this guy named Robert wanted to meet with us and we had the lesson and i asked my companion what was going on. haha he said the guy pretty much just wanted to meet cause he wanted a member in on the lesson. So that he could try to sell us all insurance. And they guy told us that we should just talk to a pope and become catholic. so that was kinda a fail! But you never know maybe he will take our lesson to thought and maybe later down the road! But we got a couple meetings set up this week! And we do tracting in the conda complexs which is like crazy. haha people hate us. haha but they mostly just kinda look at us with a confused look and just say nie dziekuja or nie mam czas. haha and shut the door. But I just stand there with a smile. So its all good!

I actually am trying to just talk to people on my own now! which is way scary!  I say Dzien Dobry!!! Jestesmy Misiojnarzamy Kosciola Jezusa Chrystusa Swietych w Dniach Ostatnich dziliemy sie przeslaniem o Jezusa Chrystusa i rodzina dzisaij!!!! Which means Good day we are missionaries and we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and Families. And if they are nice enough to stop they say something.... But i have no idea. and I just say.... nie rozumiem ala viem ze ksiega mormona jest slowa boza. haha which means I dont understand BUT!!! The book of mormon is the word of GOD! And I just try to share my testimony!
So its pretty funny cause they are already looking at me weird cause my skin is brown. And Then they get and even weirder look usually. But its awesome! haha I know the Lord has definitely helped me these past weeks do every. He has blessed me with The Gift of Tongues for sure! And Gift of Understanding! Im starting to understand more and more polish everyday!
I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday! haha in my terrible polish! But they understood it I think... But alot of members came up to me after saying thank you. So i guess that means it was good or they were just being nice!

Last thing I wanna share is about Trials! Everyone remember that "After tribulation comes the blessings!" I really didn't have that much of a trial going through the MTC and I've never been so happy and everything was going my way! Getting to the field it was super exciting! But the first few days were probably that hardest that i've ever had in my life. I honestly had litte moments where I didnt want to be here at all. BUT!!!! I prayed like crazy. Heavenly Father was there for me! Im so thankful for that trial that he gave me! Because now I am sooo much stronger! That is why Heavenly Father gives us trials! If we can fight through those we will be a better person! I love the mission field sooo much now! I'm so excited for this work. If any one is going through a trial I promise that if you fight through it Heavenly Father will bless you more than every!
Love you all! Let me know how all the kids Sports and what is happening at home! Keep sending pictures! 
Love you all!

Oh send me some recipies! haha Im a pretty dang good cook now! jokes. pretty bad. 
But i wanna make some stuff. So send me like cookies and bread recipies. The recipie that sara's mom had for that easy bread maybe. Thanks for all the support!

I can really feel your prayers. I pray for all of you every night!
-Starszy Fotu

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