Monday, July 15, 2013

Helllooooo Everyone!

How is everyone doing! Hope all is going well! Everything is going well here in the country of Poland! 
You can just write letters to the Poland Warsaw Mission Home. or Mission Office. Not sure which one it is! But whatever the one is that I started with. Should be found on the Mission blog somewhere! So you can just send letters through that. Just don't use American stamps. Cause then it won't get here. ha im sure you already know that!
Good job to Isaac with speaking in Church! Those moments are gold to prepare for your mission cause you need to get used to speaking in front of people! So make sure you all are going to Seminary too and getting the most out of it! Seminary teachers are the bomb!
hahaha I'm sure Isaac and Lennon are excited for SCOUT CAMP! Good to see Mom cracked down on Scouting. Something I wish I did was get my Eagle. I'm pretty sure Im like one of two missionaries in this whole mission that didnt get his Eagle. haha so im kinda a let down on that. So get your eagles boizzz!!
I pray for Selu's elbow all the time! I hope she gets better! Thats cool that Garrett got some scholarship money for BYU! You guys will have to let me know how they do this next year. Im sure Selu is excited for Garrett to go to school with her! 
Shoots! I miss little Emma so much! Probably cause I took care of her so much my last couple of months!! Send me pictures of her! Thanks for everything! Send me pictures and Letters!
So this week was very good! We handed out 13 Book of Mormons! But we handed out 9 in on day! Which was awesome! our Goal is 10 per week. haha ask you can see not much success in this Mission. But guess what. Thats whats so exciting cause the Work is hastening so fast! And Im so excited for it! When I leave Poland there are gonna be so many members! You watch! Im excited for it! This week we had a investigator committed to coming to church and we went to get him Sunday morning but he was sleeping.... haha geez. But its all good. Its crazy to see people not realize how important this gospel is! But guess what! Sweet story...
I had been praying for ever to Find that guy from Egypt that speaks english for ever. Cause I talked to him my first week! And I'm just chillin on the Tram and I look up and its him standing there smiling at me! haha he said "Hey Jacob" in his egyptian accent. He remembered my name which was sweet. He is like the happiest guy! But he was "im going to Egypt tomorrow! But i will only be gone for 5 days! Then I want to me with you" So I got his number and what not! And he said "What do you want from egypt?" "Like anything, Ill get you anything from there" haha nicest guy ever. But yeah i didnt want anything obviously and I dont even know what is there? (Should have asked him to bring me back one of those Pyramids?) 
But yeah that was an answer to my prayer.
So the Language is so rough. But so good. I cant wait to speak Polish. So excited. But that might not be for a little. Its coming along slowly, but surely. And Im understanding more and more each day! These people here talk crazy fast. And slur their words so I understand nothing. Yesterday we were trakting and this guy opened his door in his underwear (happens alot) And I said hey were are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ sharing a message about families and The Book of Mormon! (in polish) He then responded with some crazy saying. And this wife come to the door and just said "NIE!" haha i asked my companion what he said and he said"What language is this man speaking?" haha so yeah. its fun though. Crazy people here.
I love the work though! I'll let you guys know how the work is coming! Lovessssss!
Love you all!
Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21
-Starszy Fotu

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