Monday, July 22, 2013

Well Hey There!

I'm glad to hear from you all!!!!! sike! didn't get an e-mail! hahah just playin its ok. I got some others from my friends and what not.
Hope everyone is doing well! Let me know how Kerstin did in Junior World!
And the other kids sports. I got some pictures from Jacqueline of the kids. haha they made me laugh. I love seeing pictures from them!
So this week was a pretty good week!
I had my first exchange. My comp got on a train to Białostak for 3 hours and another Elder came down here. His name is Starszy Gibby. We had a day with each other. It was pretty cool cause that day we had a lot of success and what not. Talking to alot of people.
After we do an exchange we give each other advice and set goals with each other on what we can work on! It was pretty cool! 
Then he got on a train to go back to Białostak! And me comp (Starszy Garfield) was traveling back. So I was all by myself in Poland! hahha pretty crazy. I had to like travel back by myself and I have like no idea how to get around here for the most part. But I made it back to my apartment safely. Then i was by myself for 4 hours. which was weird! Cause Im usually like always with someone. But it was kinda nice to get some alone time. I cleaned out apartment. Like really good. Then I had the best Personal Study that i've had since on my mission. I love Personal Study time. I love "feasting on the words of Christ". I just love the feeling a get of reading the Scriptures and Words of our Prophets today. So grateful. And Then I watched some District. haha pretty sweet. I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time the day I got to Poland. And started it again and in Mosiah. I love the Book of Mormon so much. That is where my testimony started was with the Book of Mormon! I would just read it cause it was the right thing to do, even though I could not understand it at all! But I could feel the affect it had on my life. It was the Lord blessing me because I was trying to do what was right! 
And now the more I read it I can actually tell what is going on in the book. I know what the words mean and the Spirit is much stronger! And I know who is talking and what they are talking about. I just love it so much! Something one of my teachers said in MTC "FLOOD THE WORLD WITH BOOKS OF MORMON!!!" "You never know where the Book will end up!" -Brat Leimer
I have been trying to give it to as many people as possible! It is impossible for an human being to read the Book of Mormon with an open heart and not know it is the word of God!
I encourage everyone to MAKE TIME in their day to read the words that our Heavenly Father has given us! Every single day we should be reading! I promise if you guys do so your lives will be blessed soooo much! 
So on Saturday it was pretty awesome day! We had like a BBQ as a Branch (which is like our Ward, but so small here its a Branch) and that was fun. But after the BBQ there was a baptism. Not my investigator, But the kids name is Oscar! He is like 15 years old. And The first sunday he came was the first time our branch had a Deacons Quorum in 4 years! he's the only youth in our branch that is a boy. There are two other girls here from Utah actually. But the Baptism was soo awesome! I could feel the Spirit so strong when he was in the font! The font was super slow to fill up so he had to like get huge pans and start filling it up before the baptism! hahah it was pretty funny! But Im so proud of this kid even though I dont know him at all! And his mom was at the Baptism and is now taking lessons from the missionaries. It's funny cause they go to teach her and she just says oh yeah i've already learned all of that from Oscar! haha this kid is such a stud and he took 4 Books of Mormon and gave them to his friends. So awesome! I have a vision that the youth here will be huge!
And something i've been studying about is obedience! In Mosiah 2 it talks about Obedience and serving others! I encourage everyone to read that. But something that stood out to me in it was....
It talks about what our Heavenly Father as given us, Which is EVERYTHING! I dont think we appreciatte enough what he has given us! Some times we don't realize it. So he has given us absolutely everything that is good of this world and all the Joy that we have ever had. And ALL that he asks of us is to follow his commandments. Thats it. I feel like World makes it so much harder than it really is. And while we keep his commandments we are still indebt to our Heavenly Father. And we forever will be. Because as we do what he asks he continues to bless us more and more and more and more. 
When somebody is indebt to you, do you just keep paying them money and more money. haha no. Heavenly Father has this simple plan of HAPPINESS for us. If we do what he says he blesses us. And I know that is true! I love having a knowledge of a Loving Heavenly Father. "Kochający Ociem Niebieskim!" Read the Scriptures daily! Pray to him daily and thank him and give praise to him WITH ALL YOUR HEART! I promise the Lord can give you anything aslong as it be good and of his will! Mowie to, w imnie Jezusa Chrystusa, Amen. 
Love you all! Keep up the Good work! Go to the temple for me cause we don't have one here;( haha I miss it! Loves!

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