Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Week in Poland: Dzien Dobry Rodzina!

Czesc ludzie!
Well I'm definitely in poland now! Its pretty INSANE! So getting here was crazy cause I didnt sleep for like almost 40 hours straight. I couldnt sleep on any of the planes. And Im still a bit jet lag but im getting over it quickly. Right now it is 14:07 (2:07) That is how they tell time here. they go by the 24 hour time. But How if everyone at home. I dont even know where to begin!
So we got to the Airport and luckily we got all of our baggage, but President and Sister Neilson were there waiting for us! Along with Elder Zalezniak and Elder Raines. They are the Assistants to the President! But we just went to the Mission home first and had interviews and what not.
As the AP's took random groups out to contact on the streets. hahaha it was insane. So crazy. But so good too. 
My first contact it was just me and Elder Zalezniak from Australia. (I knew of him before coming, from a friend Dauffisi in BYU Hawaii) He's half tongan half polish. haha weird mix. But he's so smooth.
But we walked outside and saw a lady walking her stroller. He went off in polish with her and we talked for a little. He asked me to share my testimony. haha I do so in my terrible polish.
She had a little baby girl and I tried to tell her that i have a little baby sister at home about her baby's ago. haha and she asked someythin in polish and all i said was "tak tak tak" which means yes yes yes. haha Elder Zalezniak just smiled at me and kept going on. Right before we left this sweet little lady she asked in her broken english, "So you left your daughter at home to come here and serve a mission" So i guess i told her that I had a little child at home. And she asked you have a little girl at home (in polish) and I said "tak tak tak" haha
So my first contact went kinda weird. but Elder Zalezniak straightened it all out for me! We contacted more throughout the day. and the people here either just keep walking and say "nie mam czas" which means i dont have time. Or yell at us and say something about hor they are catholic.
But we went back to mission home and got paper work done, for our legal work in poland. We had dinner and then we got assigned to our areas and companions! I was assigned to stay here in the Warsaw I branch! And my companion is Elder Garfield! he's a boss! He is from Washington DC and has been here for about a year. 
His polish is unreal. But yeah he pretty much just talks to whole time and I try to sneak my testimony into his talk. But how we tract is we just walk up to everyone on the street and say Hi we are sharing a message today about The Book Of Mormon and Jesus Christ, or Families. And USUALLY the people just keep walking or get mad at us. haha it has been something weird to get used to. I usually just laugh. hahaha and say "milego dnai" haha "have a nice day".
Its pretty crazy. But very good. And very hard. We probably only talk to like 15 people a day and that is only because they are nice enough to stop and talk to us and about 12 to 13 of those people say im sorry but thank you very much. Im Catholic.
This is definitely the hardest thing that I have ever done. But its so good. I know the Lord will bless me in his work! I'm very excited to learn the language even though I have no idea how the language works. But I know the Lord has a way for me to learn it.
My last story that I'll share is from on Thursday. So Me, my comp (Elder Garfield) and 2 other Elders were doing something called a FREE TABLE. And we set up a table and try to get people to stop and talk to us. We sat there for a while and tried to get many people to stop. Usually you have more success to do that but mostly the same stuff happens. 
But I was passing out Ulotki which is little flyers. And we had been doing this for about an hour. I gave one to a man and he walked a couple more steps and stopped. And looked at the flyer and said "I dont speak Polish" hahah I responded with "GREAT! I DONT EITHER!"
luckily I had a Book of Mormon in English with me in my backpack with my testimony in it that I had prepared earlier. 
I gave it to him and he was very interested in the Book and was asking questions. He was in Poland going to school and from Egypt. I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and shared as much as possible. He said " I will read some of this and you will hear from me" "I want to know more" The spirit was so strong with me at that moment. And its amazing how much love you can have for someone without even knowing them. Our main motivation should be out of the Pure Love of Christ. And If you have that for everyone around you the the Lord will help you and his power will be with you! I want to learn polish so I can share this message with EVERYONE! 
So the people here are amazing! and I love them. Some like to call us crazy things. There is a lady that is homeless that is always by our apartment and she couldn't hate us more. haha she like was yelling at us the other day and pretend spit on us. And whenever we are talking to someone, she will ride by on her little push scooter and say "don't listen to the them! They are of the Devil!" hahaha there are a lot of insane "in the membrane" people here. But its ok. 
I'm so excited for this work and what Heavenly Father has in store for us!
The work in Hastening everybody! And You all are part of it! The members need to work hard to keep the missionaries schedules full! I don't care where you live! Listen to "the work of Salvation" broadcast! Something that President Packer said was " The greatest teaching done in the church, is done by the Mothers"
Mom has done very well. The best that she could have done. I appreciate my parents so much since Ive been here! Remember what all your parents have done for you. 
Something that everyone needs to remember is that "Contention is of the Devil" Contention can ruin absolutely anything. Mom always said to be a PEACEMAKER. If you can try to get rid of contention in your lives as much as possible it will bless you soooo much! Your lives will be so much happier. No matter what someone does, always try to be a peacemaker. Love you guys! Remeber The Savior Jesus Christ always!
Do Zobaczenie! Do Widzenia! Kacham moja rodzina! Viem ze moja rodznia mozebyc razem na zawsze!
-Starszy Fotu

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