Monday, January 12, 2015

Blessings, Blessings, and more Blessings.

Well this week was a winner. Its amazing how when we raise our expectations, its a form of showing our faith, and the Lord's brings miracles according to faith. But it's been amazing to see and hear of the missionaries experiences as they've showed their mental faith.
First off, Emmanuel! We had a solid lesson with him last monday. I picked up my comp from the train station, Elder Hon (who I trained), we were on exchange. And we went straight to the meeting. We had lost contact with Emmanuel for a while cause he was sick and in the hospital, but he called us wanting to meet. And he said he would be baptized on Feb. 7th if he received an answer from God that it was true. We are stoked about that. Also we have another kid named Peter (Piotr). Younger kid probably our age, studying Law. Such a nice kid. But he is just so ready to receive the gospel. We had an amazing first lesson with him and we are look to help him progress towards following our savior this week! So pray for us!
Many things are happening. Its about to get really busy. This week we have 2 exchanges with zone leaders. So the whole week will be exchanges. Next week we will travel down (roadtrip!!! woot woot!) And do an exchange with the zone Leaders there. And from Katowice we will drive to Kraków to pick up Elder Charles of the Area Presidency who is coming in to do a mission tour. We are taking him to the Salt Mines. So if you guys wanna look up pictures of that  I hear its pretty cool. We are gonna try to work in going to Auszwitz also.....But we will see;) We will have the Mission Tour with Elder Charles and his Wife. And then we will probably be working on transfers with President after that. 
This transfer has been really good then cause we've been able to manage our time better and really hit the streets and find those prepared. We've been so blessed. And I get a little anxious when I hear about time or think about time and how fast its really going. When I sit in sacrament meeting I just look around at those there, and just feel so much love and faith coming from them. They really do amaze. Ill always remember them for that.
Yesterday was a pretty fun day. In church I was translating into english. We have this mic and these little headsets for those that speak english. Its pretty intense and keeps us up on our toes. But its really fun. I was translating with Elder Fogg. He's from Cottonwood High. Ill actually be on exchange with him today.
The church is growing. The Kingdom of the Lord cannot be stopped. And we should always have it as our first priority in all that we have in life.
I love being here. Im so thankful for all of your support! Love and miss you all!
Pray, Read, Temple, and Serve.
z miłośćą
kocham was wszystkich! trzymaj się! tęsknię za wami!
_Starszy Fotu

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