Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 months in Wrocław!

Hey Family! Hows everyone doing?! 
I have been in this city for 5 months now! Pretty long time. But I love it. President Edgren actually talked about this at Zone Conference this past week that he is going to try to keep missionaries in their areas for a longer time. Which is really good so we can build good relationships with the members. We are really pushing for member missionary work. Cause that really is the best way to do missionary work. So I hope you all are trying to share the gospel with others, and inviting them to change their lives.
This week was really good. I learned alot from Zone Conference with other missionaries. I saw Elder Hon (the Elder I trained) He is such a stud, and he is actually already a district leader! Pretty sure that is like the first time that has happened here, someone in their second transfer being a district leader. But it is always fun to get with all the other missionaries and learn from them!
This week we had a meeting with the Dad that we found a couple weeks ago! His name is Rafał. He is the one that I talked with for a while with his wife and his daughter, and then I popped his daughter's balloon. I hope I told you guys about them. But he is just the most solid guy. He told me about he was always looking for happiness, and when he was in his early 20's he thought it was money. He built this huge company, and then relized he didnt want that. Sold his company and had a family and just hangs out with them all day. Most solid guy and he is super spiritual. We had a good lesson with him. And it came ot the point where we said he is happy right now with life and whenever we tried to extend an committment he just said, "we will see" with a big smile on his face. He said he really just goes off what he feels like he should do. Or what God tells him to do. And He is really sincere about that. So I pray that he will have the desire to Read the Book of Mormon. Cause he would be a kingdom builder and I just know his family would be so blessed.
Then we had a lesson with a couple named Robert and Renata. Most solid couple. Robert is actually a member that was less-active but is now our Branch Mission Leader. Such a solid guy. And his girlfriend/wife. They are to get married soon and she is just reading the Book of Mormon and trying to know if its true. We had a good discussion with her. And the spirit was just so strong. But we were giving her all these reasons to read and pray about all this and have faith. In the end of the lesson my companion just really bore testimony to her that we are saying all of this because we really do love her. And she was just so happy about that. I told her that i completely agree with my companion. 
I know that love is an never ending source of drive and energy. True love for others and for the Lord can do so many things that we cant even imagine.
There are just so many things that im learning. One of the biggest things right now is repentance. That is really what we are teaching. And so im trying to apply it to myself as much as possible. Filling in on all the little things and trying to become better everyday. I just know that if we are humble and able to recognize our Saviors attributes, and work on becoming more like him, we can. Change is what we need and it will bring true lasting happiness.

I like what I read today at the end of (sara) Sister Burn's letter today to her family. "Remember our end goal! Eternal Families!"
That really is my biggest desire to be with all my family forever. Love you guys. Im so thankful for your help and prayers! The Lord has blessed us so much! Keep doin the basics!
Love you all.
                                                     _Starszy Fotu


1) Elder Hon and I

2) The senior couple that we serve every week (they call us their grand children we call them grandma and grandpa)

3) My comp, Robert and Renata, and I

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