Monday, August 18, 2014

AUGUST........from Wrocław

Hey Family and Friends!
So this last week I hit another 1st day of the Month. Every time that happens I kinda freak out cause I went into the MTC on the First. So it just means that another month flew by....
So I got like 8-9 months left....
Time just continues to fly. I might have already shared this quote with you guys from President Uchtdorf. He said "The bad news is Time is flying, the good news is YOU ARE the captain."
So this week was really good. We had a good lesson with this kid named Marcel. He is super cool and the lesson went great. We asked him if he found out that all of this we were teaching was true would he be baptized and he said yes. So that was super awesome. We just need to keep him progressing and get the others progessing also.
In a couple weeks we have transfers. So don't send me anything to this address cause I might get transfered. Just send it to the mission office.
I went on a couple exchanges this week with the other Elders in my District. And it was really good I learned alot from them.
The coolest part about this week I think was in church.
So there is a man named Robert. That just become reactivited in the branch. And he has a girlfriend/wife. They are planning to get married soon. But they are like in their 50's. And Robert is just the most solid guy. Helping him get reactivated has been so cool. He is now our Branch Mission Leader. And we just mess around with eachother all the time. I actually gave him one of my old suits. And he wore it to church and looked super fly. So ill send you guys a pic of that next week. And this week im going to give him a haircut.
We are gonna start teaching his wife/girlfriend (Renata). And she is just eating up the Book of Mormon. She is really scared to pray for some reason though. So our goal is to help her pray this week. But it was really cool cause in church I wsa sitting with them. Robert got up and bore his testimony. And them he came and sat back down. Right after him I see Renata stand up. She was really really scared, and she was whispering to Robert, "w imię Jezusa Chrystusa tak?" Which means "in the name of Jesus Christ right?" I have never seen someone so scared to bare her testimony. She was crying so hard. But it was so cool to see someone do something, even though they were sooo scared. She had the most solid testimony. And said she would soon become a member of this Church. So cool and the spirit was so strong. When she ended her testimony she was so scared that her body like tensed up and she couldnt walk back to her chair. So Robert jumped up (in his fresh suit) and like ran to help her back to her seat.
It was really cool to see that, and all the members thanked her for her testimony after. And were really nice to her.
One other story. We were doing a whiteboard. And when we were doing it this time, there is a whiteboard with a statement or a question on it, and then a table with some supplies like books and what not on it. And then there is usually four missionaries there. Two sitting down at the table and the two other trying to stop people. It was my turn to sit at the table.
A big group of boys walked by and just looked at the whiteboard for a sec and then kinda walked off. A older but still younger guy stopped. And asked us what we were doing. In English. We told him about our message and he asked us about our beliefs. He was with this big group of boys. Before I knew it we had 10 younger boys and 2 older guys surrounding me and my companion at this table. They were all standing around us in like a half circle. They began by like asking what we believed. And then they shared what they believed while quoting scripture and what not. But the spirit there was so strong. Cause all these younger aged boys (around my age) were talking with us about Christ. And I could tell and feel that some of them were really trying to do what is right in their lives.
I came to find out that they were from Holland. And they were kinda of like a young mens group from their church. And they had earned some money to travel around Europe.
They did believe that we could become perfect like Christ was in this life, and completely without sin. One of the older leaders had said, "I remember the last time I sinned, and Im not going to do it again." I think they lived only according to the ten commandments.
But it was a cool experience to have that man people listening to you, and you could just bare testimony of our message and how the Book of Mormon could help them.
Hey im gonna head out. Thank you all for your prayers and e-mails. I really am so thankful.
I Wonder to myself every single day why I am so blessed to have what I have.
Love you guys. Keep up the good work!
See ya'lllll later!!!!
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