Monday, August 18, 2014

Trasnfers coming up!!!

So this week was amazing. I dont got much time so Im gonna have to be quick!
First off we went to Legnica. A smal town outside of Wroclaw and had some solid lessons there. The members there (two families) are really into missionary work. And drive to church every sunday about an hour. President is actually thinking of putting missionaries in Legnica. But we had a two really good member lessons there. One man is named Bogdan. He is actually one of the members landlord. And so she invited him to take the lessons. And he seems to be progressing. Next is a kid named Krzysztof. He is young. A sister in the branch added him on facebook thinking he was a less active member, but turns out it wasnt the right person. But she asked if he would be interested in the gospel anyways. Turns out he is searching and has investigated man churches and religions. So we are excited.
Last is a kid named Slawek. He was the first kid Elder Stumpf and I talked to. He is 23 years old and studying law right now. He is just really humble and willling to listen to us. He is kinda of scared though I feel like and scared of commitment. But he really is golden so we have big hopes for him.
We have trasnfer calls this saturday. My companion goes into Warsaw on Sunday and then home on tuesday. Its crazy. But im excited, cause i really hope I stay in this city. The branch is so amazing and we have some good investigators right now.
The coolest thing is the relationships on our missions. I really feel like they are the Gold and treasures of a mission. Relationships with members, companions, and converts/investigators. They are the most amazing things. And they last forever. The most important relationship I think is the one we build with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 
Its amazing to see all the joy that I have recieved from my mission. Im trying to always live in a attitude of grattitude. Cause I really am so blessed.
I love being out here though. I love my mission. its flying.
Im sorry this was so short! but I dont have much time! 
I wanna thank all you guys for your support! 
I know that if we are obedient then the Lord cant break his promise of his Spirit ALWAYS being with us. And I know that obedience starts with Charity and Love. 
Build Charity, pray for it. Obedience will follow. And the Spirit will always be with us. And that will answer many questions that we have and comfort us at all times.
Love you guys! 
_Elder Fotu

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