Friday, July 11, 2014

14 monthzzz?

May so crazy! I just realized that tomorrow is 14 months on a mission.
Its so crazy to me how fast time has gone! I have ten months left I think? But we are continueing to work hard! And the work really is amazing. I see so many miracles every week.
This week on that was really cool was with this guy named Rafaeł. We had a white board and we wrote on it, "Czy kiedykolowiek slyszałeś o nas?" Which means have you ever heard of us. And then we put our name obviously Kościół Jezusa Chrystusa Świętych w Dniach Ostatnich. And so everybody looks at the white board as they walk by. And as they are looking I will like yell out to the have you ever heard of us!? and i think we had like 30 no's and 7 yes's within an hour. One man was walking by and I asked and he said "yeah!" I said well what do you already know about us! and he just said he had talked about he had met missionaries on the streets a couple times and they told him about us.
We continued to talk about changing our lives and experienceing a change of heart. He told me about how he really changed his life around the past 4 years. He quit drinking which was huge. He saw that it was ruining his family. And he really changed his life around. And just talked about how happy he really has been. The spirit was really strong and he said he has been searching for God and how to grow closer to him but felt like the church he was going to really wasnt right.
I taught him abou the restoration and how the fullness has been restored. It made sense to him that we needed it. And everything went well. we will meet soon. And before he left he said, You know im really happy we talk. I remember meeting other missionaries and alot of times I would just walk past them cause i was in a huge hurry, but everytime I saw them they would say "milego dnia!" Which means have a good day! And he always remembered that about us.
So its cool that their efforts to say that really didnt go wasted. I know God sees all our efforts! And he expects our effort!
I read a talk by President Uchtdorf this week called "Are you sleeping through the restoration?"
Lets always make sure we are involved in preparing for the coming of our Savior. And make sure we are involved and not just watching. The talk is super good.
But I love it out here. Im tryin to become better and better every week!
There are definatley hard times. but its easier to stay up than to get up! And the good times are so much better and make up for all the hard times!
Love you guys thanks so much for your love, suppport, and prayers!
Ofa lahi atu! Kocham Was Wszystkich!
wytrwaj do końca!
_Starszy Fotu

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