Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Family!!!
So this week just flew by sooo fast. The weeks really fly by when you have change. And so with my new comp (Elder Stumpf) It's been a little different going from Training someone to Sending someone home after this transfer. But It's been really good. Im really excited to learn alot from him cause he just has so much experience. But yeah we are just learning to work hard and find those that are searching the truth. 
Yesterday in church it was super awesome. we had 58 people. haha it was crazy cause two weeks ago we have 28 or something. But that was thanks to Elder Garfield and his whole family here from. It was really cool to see him this last week for the first time since we served together, my first transfer in the mission. He is such a solid missionary and taught me so much. It was cool to see his family and see how happy they really are cause of the Gospel.
So the other day on like Friday me and my comp had been contacting for about 3 days straight hitting the streets with no one wanting to talk to us. Friday we started out again and walked for about two hours looking for someone. Towards the end of our Contacting session we ran into this kid that was willing to talk but didn't seem very open. We gave him a little pass-along-card and invited him to church not thinking anything of it.
The kid shows up to church. His name is Sławek. Such a solid kid and was just so impressed with the members and how everyone loved eachother so much. He was impressed by the Book of Mormon and wants to read it and pray. I see alot of potential with him. So we are excited for that. The members here are just so solid and excited for missionary work. Also a guy named Fraser came to church. He is a member living in England I think but originally from Australia. He is in poland for work, and brought his friend with him to church. Such a solid guy and just so excited for his friend got him a Księga Mormona and Fraser comes up to me after church and says, "Hey you need to go up to my friend (Mateusz) and bare your testimony like you never have before!, This guy will build the church and Poland and be the most awesome member!" So he was just super fired up about it. It's just amazing to see how member missionary work really is the best and most affective way. The Lord really is hastening the work. It's quite amazing.
And we just need to be ready to hit the plow together as members. And recieve the inspiration to lead us to those finding the truth. Im continueing to try and get better and better as a missionary! I think I need to work on patience and waiting on the Lord's time.
I love it out here. A HUGE group of missionaries just went home and it was really sad to see them leave. Obviously every single one of them just the time flew by. It's already flying by and I hope I can use it to the best! 
Thank you all for your prayers! They really do help and Im so thankful for them! 
But I love you all! Remember the Basics! Read, Pray, Temple, and Service.I know the Lord waits to bless you all if you do these simple things. 
I know Christ lives. He's our Redeemer. Rely on him at all times. Not just when its hard. Have an Attitude of Gratitude. 
Kocham Was Wszystkich!
z miłośćą
Elder Fotu

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