Monday, June 2, 2014

Dzien Dobry!!!! Its June......

So This week just flew by! We had another awesome week...
First off..... This morning as we kneeled to pray before we left to the Library to e-mail.....
As we prayed I was about to close my prayer and realized that I needed to pray for an oppurtunity to find those searching the truth during our P-Day. I prayed for the oppurtunity. I've been e-mailing for a little while now and this girl leaned over next to me and said "Hey....Are you Mormon..." haha I said yep! she responded..."Yay!" hahha and we talked for about 15 mins. She had a best friend in France that was Mormon and was her english teacher. And is actually from Macedonia. And is studying here in Wrocław. She is super super nice. And really wanted to come to church. And talked about how missionary work was just allowed into her country! Heavenly Father heared my prayer and answered it! 
So also I dont know if you guys remember the Lady that we met about 7 weeks ago named Nela. We met her in the park on my new traniee's first day in the country. And she began to cry when we asked her if she had ever felt God's love in her life. And we hadnt been able to meet with her since this past week! She took the restoration very well and came to church! And we've past her off to the Sister's but im excited for her. She is so nice and the members her were really nice to her when she came to church.
Exciting things are happening in the mission. Our mission President is commiting everyone to alot of new and exciting rules. And he really is just changing the mission and it's culture. We are really focusing on being united as companions and districts and just as a mission in whole. Cause this mission is so small and every missionary knows or has heard of most missionaries.
Yesterday we had a funny moment when this really loud old lady come up to us as we were singing.....And she just thought we were so interesting and gave us some little flyer about Catholic Church going on.....She walked off.....Ten mins later she came back and asking where we all come from.....But instead she just guess where we were from....All of us are actually from the states but she said.....pointing to my red headed comp...."you are from Ireland" the next elder "you are from Jerusalem." and then she didnt say anything to me. And just asked which of you speaks the best polish. I definately dont but everyone pointed to me and (in poland you start with sir or man instead of every saying "you") and she pointed and me and said "The Obama Sir?" haha so i either get like im from Mexico or I guess im black now.....
But really everything is going really good. I've never felt so blessed in my life. And there are hard times but the attitude changes those hard times into good times. Its all the mindset.
But i continue to try and become better as a missionary and a person over all really. 
I love it here! Miss you all so much! 
Continue to do the simple things. Reading and Praying and Going to the temple.
And share your testimonies. That is how strong testimonies come is through sharing them with others. If you think you have little faith, then act on it. And share that little belief that you have. And you will see miracles happen as you do so! 
Love you guys!
ofa lahi atu! Kocham was wszystkich! wtrwaj do konca!
trzymaj się!
_Starszy Brązowy Fotu

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