Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dzień Dobry!!!

This week was pretty awesome. We saw alot of miracles happen. The mission field is full of them. I feel like Life is full of them. But we can notice them more in the mission field I feel like. A couple transfers ago I was talking to a senior couple (The Gay's) about their family. 12 kids. All married in the temple. Except one that is going to be married. All boys served missions. And I asked them abou ttheir sons getting home from their missions. And what the biggest difference was for them being home. They said "How strong the spirit is always with you as a missionary"
Time is going by wayyy too fast. I felt like a just got to Poland a couple months ago. And this week I'll hit 13 months. Crazy. Dont worry though im not counting. I keep telling myself that if i keep thinking about how long i have that time will go slower. But we are just so busy and im having so much fun and learning so much that it just keeps getting faster and faster.
Yesterday (sunday) was awesome. We had a investigator in church. Named Paweł he is doing ok. Has a problem with the word of wisdom though. But the coolest hting was seeing like 5 or 6 less-active back in church. Just an awesome day. And later in the day we did a white board and singing on the rynek. As the 5 other missionaries and the senior couple sang i was just out tryin to talk to people that stoppped and looked to see who we were. I met the most humble kid that i've met in Poland so far. And this past week i had but wondering why it was so hard to find those humble ones that are searching. Cause I know that there are hundreds of hearts that open to the gospel everyday, but why is it so hard to find them.
This kids name is Tomasz. I thought he was super young at first. But he said he was 21. I told him I was 20, ahha he was stunned and said he that I had 25 years. haha in polish whne you say how old you are, it translates to "Mam dwadzieścia lat"="I have 20 years"
But anyways I shared the restoration with him. And he seemed someone interested in it. But nothing amazing. Till I told him that I read and prayed and recieve an answer from God. He was stunned! He said "How!!! How did you get an answer? I pray all the time but I feel like I never get anything?" I told him the feelings that i've had from the Holy Ghost and Promised him that he could feel those things and know its from God. He was really excited. And I told him why im here in Poland. Cause I know that our message changes lives here on earth and also in life eternal. 
So im pretty stoked for him. Ill let you guys know. He took a book and is really excited to meet. 
Last miralce. Maybe I already shared this with you guys. I cant remember though. So like a couple weeks ago me and my comp were on a Tram (mini train) and there are people called controllers that come on and make sure you have your Ticket or Bilet. We buy things called urban cards for a month and just carry them in our wallets. We came to a stop and we saw these controllers get on to check everyone. I went to get my wallet in my back pack, I was like freaking out cause I couldnt find it. The Lady came to my comp and asked for his. After she check his she just walked past me. 
I left my wallet at home, and these controller people are known for being mean and strict, just passed right by me like I wasnt even there. 
It was crazy! Saved us alot of trouble. I know the Lord is watching out for us!
Im lovin my mission. I think too much. Cause I keep thinking about Garrett's story that he e-mailed me about going home, and The Stake Pres releasing him, and taking his tag off. And I just wanna cry. haha sometimes ill look in the mirror without a tag and I just look way weird.
Everything is going good. President Uchtdorf is coming soon! couldnt be more excited.
Alright last thing....
For personal study i've been studying repentance since that is what we are preaching on the streets. And I realized that we need to be living repentance to our fullest if we want to call others to repentance. Doesnt sound as bold as It is, We tell these people that God wants them to change their lives for the better, and they have receive more happiness. But I was trying to figure out how I can live Repentance more.
But first I figure out where I am at right now. List my talents, What i think im good at, and then my weeknesses. What im bad at and what I can work on. And then writing these things downs makes you really notice how imperfect you are. haha But Im working daily to get rid the things I dont want and build new attributes instead. Its been really good.
Find out who you are, and then find out who God wants you to be. Always have that Eternal Vision in mind.
ofa lahi atu WAS WSZYSTKICH!!!!
_Elder Fotu

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