Thursday, May 8, 2014


So Isaac got his call! Going to New Jersey! wow so awesome! I know Collin Walker and Kim Josse are there! I dont know if there is more than one mission though?!? And you guys kinda forgot all those details like when he leaves and what not.......
haha but its all good. I know he is just goin to kill it out there. And he meet alot of Polish people there! So he will taste a little of my mission, and send me some referrals!!!
But this week has been really good. And REally hard! We had alot of rejection! But we worked so hard and just hittin the streets all day! But we were really so blessed also!

Right now we have a guy named Paweł that we are meeting with. Took all the lessons in England, I think i've already told you about him. But he just has a problem with recieving an answer and following the Word of Wisdom! But yeah he is doin good. He showed up to our Branch Grill on sunday! and that was a success. We had 6 investigators there. So that was really nice. I will send some pics of it.
But Paweł also came to church on sunday. And after church we met with him. And President Zań here gave him a blessing for help with the Word of Wisdom. The spirit was so strong when we gave him that blessing. And President Zań bore testimony after that he could over come this if he really wanted to but only with the Lord. REally good quality lesson. So we are praying for him everyday. And trying to meet with him as much as possible. 

Yesterday in church we had a lesson by A senior couple here. Elder Jensen really lead out it bringing less-actives back, and really just missionary work in the branch. This branch just has so much faith and love for eachother, and for others that are not members yet.
He talked about a Leadership Book produced by the church. And it gives 3 traits of a Leader that I found very good and helpful on what kind of missionaries we need to be.
First.....Vision-They have to have that vision of where they want to be and where they want to help others get to.
Second....Humility-They have to be teachable! The humble learn so much faster. We have to be willing to learn from everyone around us! The more knowledge we get the more humble we need to be.
Lastly...Love-The power and motive behind EVERYTHING we do! When we find the love that we should have for the Savior and for others around us. We will do all we can to help them. This love can be found through hard work, faith, and prayer. Its a gift from God that we can recieve. I feel like everything hangs on this last trait. Find out what true love and charity mean. And strive to be more loving and charitable everyday.

Everything is just going really good. Tomorrow we have Zone Conference and Im just so excited to learn more and recieve some direction of where President Edgren wants to go under the direction of the Lord.
I love my mission.....yes I hit the half way mark this week........BUT IM ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE OF MY MISSION!
Love you all! Im workin hard. I know we are gonna find someone that is so prepared soon. Thanks so much for everything! 
ofa lahi atu
one love
z Miłośćą
_Starszy Fotu

oh yeah i am a little sick...;( but im gettin over it fast!

me and my comp!!!!
my and the Branch President here!!! so awesome! love him
and wrocław had a party for John Paul......haha

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