Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dzień Dobry!!!!

Hey Family and Friends!!!!
Hope everyone is doin gooood. So this week was awesome. It was really really rainy! but today the weather is real nice! It was good to see my family again! Just wanna give a shout out to Lennon! And his big BIRTHDAY!!!! I dont even know how old you are! man time is going by wayyy tooo fast! 
This week we really good. We are really pushing for like active member lessons to get the members excited about missionary work. And it was really cool on thursday we took a little train ride to a city like an our away. Called Legnica. And we had a less-active lesson with a man name Tomek. He is so awesome. and has been a member for like 13 years. and just is having a hard time but I know he still has a strong testimony. And so we are workin with him. After our lesson with him we had a member lesson with a little family. A single mom and her 3 kids. And they are just so awesome. We like practiced teaching them in Polish and they are like American/Polish. Speak both perfectly. They're names are the Call family. And there mom just loves missionary work so much. They want us missionaries to come to their city and just go out and contact with her family for a day. So we are excited to do that. It's just so amazing to see the faith that these members have.
This week I learned alot about Christ and he can heal everyone. The script 3 Nephi 17:8 is really good. But I was kinda stressin about preppin for District meeting this week and just didnt know what to prep about. And then on thursday our branch president asked me to give a talk in Sacrament about the Atonement. haha so i was really stressin.... cause speaking and preparing a talk in polish.....haha its somethin else. so stressful. 
But stress can be good and its actually exactly what i needed at that time. As I studied the Atonement a little. I first tried to think of what the Atonement included. The suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, Death on the Cross, and Ressurection. But I asked myself.... "Why did Christ have to suffer?" Why was suffering needed... Ive heard a million times in my life that Christ "suffered" for our sins? haha maybe this is just like super simple doctrine and I didnt know about it but my testimony of Christ on my mission has grown so much. Cause I know he lived. 
Then I read on Alma 7:11-12 I think it is. 
I just know that Christ suffered for the little pains that we have. And every single pain. I think suffering for sins means....Well we all have sin. And those sins create feelings of guilt and pain. He suffered that pain so he could know how to help us while we experienced it. As we repent and give our hearts to him he will be there for us to heal us.
But im really just lovin my mission! Today Elder Noland Dodge is coming to Wrocław on exchange with me. So im pretty stoked for that cause we hung out a little before the mission.
Uchtdorf is coming sooon! haha gosh im so excited. 
Quick story. yesterday we were in a park. One of the coolest parks in poland. really pretty. And we were just walking through it. talking to people. We saw a family up ahead. But there was a left turn where just a younger girl was walking by ourself. Usually we choose the family but for some reason we chose to go talk to this girl. We talked to the girl and her name is Gosia. She is super awesome and just really religous and everything went well as we talked about Baptism and Repentance. And then into the Restoration. She was really interested. And at the end of the contact she said she left her house for a walk wanting to talk with God. We exchanged contact info and everything so hoping to start teaching her pretty soon! 
MIracles are everywhere! One last one. President Edgren committed all missionaries to this new contacting way with baptism, repentance and into the restoration. 2 weeks later the baptismal list that we get every week went from 6 names to about 25. Its amazing and the Lord is hastening his work! Thousands of Hearts open to the Gospel every day!
Love you all! Remember the daily basics!
ofa lahi atu
z miłośćą
_Starszy Fotu

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