Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Message of Hope and Warning.

CZEŚĆ  Family and Friends!!!!
Wow one of the most amazing weeks this past week!
So First off we found out that we can SKYPE home for Mother's Day!!!! haha I was so stoked when I found out. Im so excited to see everyone! 
So we had a Zone Conference in Katowice this past week. The best by far Zone Conference that I've been too! So good. And some really amazing things are happening in the mission. So first off....
President Edgren has committed everyone to contacting on the streets for 2 hours a day and 5 days a week with preaching Repentance and Baptism. So what we do is walk around with a picture of Jesus and John the Baptist baptizing him. It's amazing cause its really what these people need and what we really have been called to do. We talked to people on the streets about why we sin, and they feelings that is creates and how it moves us away from God. But we also talk about how we can be freed from these feelings and have a fresh start through baptism (by someone holding the proper authority). This then leads into the message of the Restoration. 
It's something that is really hard to get used to actually. I have to completely adjust my approach to people on the street. And I have to use alot of different polish that Im not used to. But I know it has already brought results! And "Real Growth" in the mission. It's amazing cause it is something that everyone holds. Is that feeling of guilt and shame from mistakes. And it's something that everyone needs to be freed from that. 
Repentance is something that I've really been studying these past few transfers. And its something that is so much more broad than I thought it was. The Atonement of Jesus Christ isnt just for the sinners, but for Good men to become better. It's for everyone of us to use through out our lives. And the word repent was been understood as a punishment or just confessing sin. But I know that Repentance is a hope-filled future, that brings eternal happiness in this life and Salvation to us all. All of this is possible becasue of the Atonement that was performend by our Savior. 
Im so excited to Preach repentance to everyone. It's what they need and it's what we as missionaries have been called to do. I can already feel more succesful as a missionary. President Edgren is an amazing guy! I know he has the keys to leading the work here in Poland. And the growth is happening. In Thailand they actually started contacting like this and their Baptisms tripled. 
It's pretty amazing to see the Lord hastening his work. 
I love it out here so much! I finally got over my sickness. Now me and my comp are just ready to hit the streets this week! 
The other day we actually got let in tracking! By a young Dad and his wife. (Dawid and Estera)
They are like missioanries for their church but the Lesson went really good. They are really faithful and she is actually expecting her first baby on the 7th. haha so anytime. It was funny she was HUGE. And super exciting for them. But yes they dont have much time right now. cause of that. But they took Books of Mormon and are gonna read and Pray. So pray for them please!
That was the first time I have ever taught a family  on my mission! so amazing.
Im loving it out here! The Lord continues to bless me with the language so much.
I tell people that im polish on the streets all the time and they say, "Serio?" haha then i tell them im just messin, but they think its pretty funny. 
Come to know Your Savior. Repent and become like him. And then share it with others as you do so.
Love you all. Wtrwaj do końca! Kocham Was Wszystkich! Tęsknię się za waszami twarzami;)
z Miłośćą Bliżniego
_Starszy Fotu

My Zone Leader Elder Dodge
Lone PEak Prideeee

chillin waitin for a trammmmmm
me and my little traineee. i lovvvveee him.
me and the statue right outside our house.......

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