Monday, June 23, 2014

President Uchtdorf Conference

Man probably best week of my mission. I know I always say that but this time I really mean it. 
So first we got transfer calls on wednesday. President is keepin me here in Wrocław for my third trasnfer here! Im good with that cause i love it here. My companion is Elder Stumpf from Germany. He's a tall kid and a stud. Speaks better English than I do. But so we are pretty stoked to just od work this transfer! This is actually his last transfer on his mission. He's served here in Wrocław before. And so he was really excited to get back. 
And then obviously we had the Poland Warsaw Mission Conference. All the missionaries. And all the members that could come were there! It was so amazing. On saturday we had a meeting with President Uchtdorf and he actuallly shook all our hands first and just kind asked who we were. hahaha it was super fun and super spiritual. My comp obviously got a hug cause he is German. But man so good the spirit was so strong as everyone spoke. And I could tell that President Uchtdorf really did have a calling from God. And he was an Apostle with those Preiesthood Keys. Pretty amazing. Something ill never forget for sure.
Something that really hit me was when he talked about our calling as missionaries. I love how he speaks cause he is up beat and really bold at some points in his talks. But then he will get really quiet and just lets the spirit sink in to what he is saying. It's so amazing. And he just really hit on how our calls to poland are not just by chance. But a calling from God. The spirit was so strong there. Everything he said was just so good and I just soaked it all up. In the End his testimony couldnt have been more powerful. He said slowly, "I know we have a Savior. He lives. I know him." It was just so good and I cant even explain it. 
But yes everything has just been amazing. After the conference we had a train back to Wrocław that was about 7 hours total cause it was a little late. But we made is back.....
hahah everything was good til this morning we are doing language study.... and the washer (for our clothes) like exploded. really it sounded like a bomb when off. We go running into the bathroom and you couldnt see anything but we opened it up. And like all these pieces were broken and we actually layed it on its side and the whole bottom was blown out. so thats fun....
ahahha so not really sure what we are gonna do bout that yet. But uh yeah imma gonna call the mission office about this when im done here. 
Everything really is great. And im just really excited to hit the ground running right now and find those that are searching for the truth. Im so thankful for all your prayers for me. I know that they help. And I know that we have a responsibility so share this gospel and repent and change our lives. 
Love you all. Miss you all! But never been so happy! 
z miłośćą
_Starszy Fotu

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