Monday, October 28, 2013

Cześć Family!!!!

Man sounds look everyone is doing great! love and miss you all! But this work is sooo great!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week with everything!
Let me know how Selu does! She better tear it up! haha she had like the Tiger stare in that picture you guys sent me of her! meow.
Thats awesome that isaac and them are doing good. awesome that he wore Landon Hannemens jersey! I remember that Micah wanted to do that for me our senior year when i got hurt but he was superstitious about it. haha I think it was ok cause we won!
but that sounds awesome! let me know how they do! Keep workin hard on and off the field. I sent him a letter last week so should be gettin there soon!
Thanks sooo much for everything! 
This week was a pretty crazy week.
hahah like seriously some crazy things happened. but ill just give ya guys the spiritual part!
So ive just been studying Preach My Gospel and what not. And I've seen a lot of missionaries on my mission say that they need to just be themselves on their mission. And they don't need to try to change who they are. I think some of this is true. But I also have been impressed by the Spirit that this gospel changes lives. And Heavenly Father knows exactly who we are and who we can become. Through the many things that we do in the gospel, which is the simple basic, we can change who we are. I challenge everyone to find the things you want to change in your life and change those things. Be willing to recognize those things, and be ANXIOUS to change them. I feel like my Savior has helped me do that so much on my mission. I feel like a different person but the same person at the same time. I have a testimony that if you Study what the Savior of the world did, Jesus Christ, and his example. And apply those things that he did and taught. You will reach your potential. I know that the Lord has helped me and I know that he loves US. Not just some of us but some of us.
I listened to a talk by Elder Bednard and he talked about in the Scriptures when they use the word "chosen"
he talked about how some people like ot say they are not a "chosen" one. He emphasizes on the fact that Heavenly Father does not have a list of favorites. We ourselves choose if we are "chosen" Heavenly Father has given us Agency. We can choose what we do with it. I challenge everyone to find the things they need to change in their life and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Heavenly Father will make of you the best person you can possibly be. And he will bless you more than ever.
I have a firm testimony of that and I have seen it in my life.
Love you all! Do missionary work always, whether it be in word or in example!
-Starszy Fotu

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