Monday, November 4, 2013


Whats up everybody!!!

This week was sooo awesome! So I think I had the best moment in my mission so far! There was a guy that showed up to church last week named Bogdan. He's probably about like 50 or older. And the Sacrament meeting was really weird that he came to. We ended up getting a new Branch President, Elder Gay! Who is here with his wife serving! And when he was sustained in Sacrament meeting there was actually a member that disagreed. And it was just kind of awkward. And then this member was actually assigned to speak in church that day. He got up and started to say some really weird things and false things about the church and my companion who was the BRanch President had to ask him to end his talk. haha yeah so thats just a little taste of what church is like sometimes here in Szczecin! but man as you can see that wouldn't be so good for a new investigator in church. 
After this member ended his talk, My companion got up and bore testimony. A very strong testimony. This spirit was so strong there and I know that Bogdan (investigator) felt the spirit. He said he liked our church and would like to find out more. We met with him last Wednesday. And I decided going into the lesson I was really gonna try to participate more because I am usually just very quiet on lessons cause half the time I have no idea what is going on (due to my language disabilities) But the spirit was so strong there, and I could seriously feel the Lord helping me to say many things and bear testimony! Towards the end of the Meeting we invited him to be baptized on Nov. 16. And he said he would definitley! This spirit was sooo strong there and I don't think I had ever been sooo happy in my life. We met with Bogdan again on Saturday and got him the Book of Mormon on CD because he cant see well at all and his eyes hurt to read. As he ended our meeting on Saturday he said "please bless these missionaries, and their mesages, that it will not be rejected, and people will listen to them"
I love this gospel sooo much! It seriously changes lives. I have seen it here. And I know that it can change anyones life! It has changed mine. My love for the people grows every single day! And my testimony grows everyday! 
I finished the Book of Mormon again this last week and I know that you can grow closer to God if you read it. It has changed my life! I love it so much!
Yesterday we had transfer calls! And Im staying in Szczecin! I was excited about that cause i wanna keep helping Bogdan progress towards baptism! He is sooo awesome! But im staying here! My comp (Elder Mikołyski) is returing to South Jordan, utah. haha And my new comp is Elder Vernon! he's from American Fork! Super solid kid and super good at Polish! Here in Szczecin, President Edgren decide to take out a set of Elders and bring in a pair of Sisters. So now we have Elders, Senior couple, and Sisters! its pretty awesome and im so excited for this next transfer! I love my mission so much!
I miss you all! Keep doing the basics! Everyday!!!! Read and Pray!
Go to the temple! I miss it soo much! I love you all soo much! 
One of my favorite quotes from General Conference is:
"In the sight of the Lord, it is not so much what we have done or where we have been but much more where we are willing to go."
                                    -Elder Edward Dube

Show our Savior and Heavenly Father that you love him and DO The things that he wants us to do!
Love you all! Know that God loves you with a Perfect Love ALWAYS.

                   -Starszy Fotu

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