Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov. 25!!

Whats up errrrbody!!!!
Right now i've never been so excited for missionary work! This week was soo awesome! Usually in church we have about 8-12 people at most! But this week we had 17! So awesome. hahha PACKED HOUSE!!! Really though it was soo awesome! This week we decided to visit some less-actives with the senior couple, Elder and Sister Gay. As well did the sisters here. Us both were able to find a nice old sister and a really cool guy named Mariusz. As we met with them there was just a warm spirit as we invited them back to church! I could really tell they were so happy that we had visited them! And it was so awesome seeing them in church. Re-activating the less-active is sooo important! It's even better if members do it! So i challenge you all to find the less-actives and bring them back! 
We also were able to get THREE INVESTIGATORs in church! A younger kid named Bartek. We have taught him a couple lessons and having kinda a hard time cause he is really smart with science and what not. And doesn't believe in God. But I have faith we will  be able to help him! A man named Francziszek! he is older. And he taught him a lesson right after Sacrament meeting. He had some questions about the Book of Mormon so we read with him somewhat! And commmited him to read and pray to know if it was true. And to come to church next sunday! That is something we are really focusing on as a misison, C.P.R. Church, Pray, Read! You have to make commitments with these people, because you will know who is serious, If they want to know this is true they are going to know through the Holy Spirit. That is the greatest tool in Misisonary work! And these three things will put them in the situation to feel that! And last is a man named Jerzy!
For the past month we had been calling Jerzy cause he actually had a baptismal date and already passed the Baptismal Interview! He's been taught by 3 different missionaries already. And this week we finally got in contact with him! soo awesome! We actually lost contact because he was in the Hospital doing some kind of Theraphy because he actually has Cancer. He is soo awesome though and we have a Baptismal date for Dec. 7!!!! woot woot. so pumped. 
He has alot of struggles in life but he knows that this is the most important thing for him right now. His family is actually disowning him a little. They live in Jerusalem and are jewish. And they really dont like his decision to be baptized! His faith is soo strong and he is such an awesome guy! 
We actually almost had 4 investigators in church but one couldnt come but promised he would come next week! Im so excited for this work! The Lord really has blessed us soo much! I see His hand everyday in His work! That he is hastening!
I love my mission so much! please pray for my investigators! Im starting to pick up on the language I think. I can almost understand everything. I know its the Lord blessing me with the Gift of Tongues! And your prayers. Thank you so much!
I challenge you all to keep doing the basics EVERYDAY!!!! Read and Pray! You all already know.
And also bring others unto Christ. I bet you all could name someone that could use a friend or use some love in their life. In this last conference they said, "If you simply ask them to come to church, They will" I challenge you all to do so! I promise if you do, the Lord will bless you, and you will feel a certain happiness in your life! Love you all so much!
Do Widzenia!
                                            -Starszy Fotu

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