Wednesday, December 4, 2013


CZEŚĆ Family!

I hope all is going well at home! sounds like everything is going good! Man I miss you all so much! This week was a little slower week! But still miracles are always happening in the mission field! Im sure I don't notice many of them! But this week we had another investigator in church. His name is Franciszek! He is older and pretty awesome. Except he hasn't had much time for us to teach him but he has been in church! He is super nice guy! But this week we are set up to meet on Wednesday after English class! So wish me luck and maybe a prayer! 
A cool moment I had this week was in church. I am beginning to feel the spirit a lot more in church now because I am actually understanding more hahah. But I love church soo much. I pass the sacrament like every week, cause we don't have that much priesthood in this branch!
But as I was sitting in church I was a little bummed about this other investigator that didn't show up. But then I looked around and noticed how many people we did have in church. Which was 16. About 2 months ago, there was sometimes only 8 or 10 people, including for missionaries. The Lord really has blessed us here in this little town. And I noticed we had 4 people who were less active in the past 4 months that were in church cause we simply when and invited them back. One of them named Anita. She is an older lady bore her testimony. She talked about how she decided to live without God for some time in her life. And was really feeling lonely. And she would sometimes think about coming back to church sometime but never did. Until the Sister's here in Szczecin and a Member went and visited her and invited her back. The spirit was so strong in that meeting. I know that even though the church isn't big here, It's still the SAME church. The only true church on the earth today. I hope you all are working on helping bring others unto Christ before Christmas! I promise as you do the simple things; Reading Scriptures, Saying Prayers, and Sharing your testimony. Heavenly Father will bless you and help you bring others! Act on it! Have faith! Faith takes action. As you do those simple things your desire to share the gospel will grow! I promise! 
I love you all soo much! I love my mission. I would rather be here than any where else right now! Thank you so much for your prayers. The power of prayer is real and our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us! Love you! Have a JOLLY CHRISTMAS SEASON! I know I will;)
-Starszy Fotu

Thanksgiving Dinner! 
And the Senior Couple The Gay's! sooo nice! They have 13 kids too!

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